Monday, 30 July 2007

HIPs - as expected, a backdoor snoop.

We know it. We predict the future. We do not even need a crystal ball anymore.

The rapacious, authoritiarian, control-freak, taxing Sociofascists might not gas people, but they sure as hell build the showers.

It seems the Valuation Office Agency (isn't that the Valuation Office Agency Department Bureau Organisation Trust?) has applied to get its dirty fingernails into the HIP reports. A voluntary code would not be so useful for them and I am sure they were pushing for it to be compulsory.

However, I think the real reason HIPs were made compulsory this time round was due to the vanity and bovine wrongheadedness of one Yvette Cooper. Mrs Balls. Anyone with any common sense and understanding of both human nature and the markets (repetition repetition) would know that a voluntary system would either work if it is good, evolve if it could or fail as it should. But what would this tweedy wand know about the real world? Not one non-political job in her resume. Yvette is a classic example of what happens when people go straight into the political machine from school.

Not only should MPs not be lawyers, they should also have a career in the private sector - and no, working for Capita or a State-funded Charity does NOT count!

She is the anamorphic Hazel Blears.

UPDATE: Yvette was on BBC Breakfast this morning. Did the BBC ask her about the Valuation Office Agency Department Bureau Organisation Trust? No. Did the BBC ask why not make it voluntary and surely the value will prove itself? No.

The angles were

1. Cost. Yvette said that first timers do not pay - nonsense, they pay via higher sale price.
2. Only 4-beds. Nice segue into making it compulsory for all of us.
3. Energy report. Yvette makes earnest but disingenuous noises about energy efficiency.

She is a bare-faced liar and the BBC are toadying Sociofascist if we did not know.

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