Friday, 27 February 2009

Huhne: Hypocrite and worse

Well, Chris Huhne, he who supported the refusal to let Wilders enter the UK is now prancing about for Civil Liberties.

In it he says:
The Liberal Democrats are determined to resist the slow death by a thousand cuts of our hard-won British liberties. George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four was a warning, not a blueprint. Yet the Big Brother society that he satirised is growing before our eyes. Our forebears who fought so hard for the rights we have had stripped away would be shocked at what we've lost.
Oh, really? Funny how you and all your LibDem MPs did not have the common decency to comment on or reply to the copies of 1984 you all received as part of the Libertarian Party campaign on November 5th 2008, copies, I might add, that had written in them the very term "a warning, not a blueprint".

You. Utter. Worm.

UPDATE: After reading the Bill, though it does do some things, it is basically tinkering. Why is RIPA not repealed? What is the point when the EU claims Sovereignty? What has been done about Statutory Instruments which can shove through draconian measures bypassing Parliament? With SIs, who needs an Ermächtigungsgesetz?


Martin said...

I noticed this myself. What a cunt!

Maybe that stunt realised the Lib dems would soon have competition from real liberals and decided to act.

IanPJ said...

My posting on the LPUK blog last week indicating that the Libertarian Party are leading the debate was spot on.

It is clear that Huhne is only FOLLOWING, but he is playing to the crowd with this gimmick bill, as he knows that he will not be able to implement one jot of it without also undertaking to leave the EU.

The EU will block every single item in Huhne's bill.

The Libertarian Party is the ONLY party to undertake both the repeal of liberty stripping laws, but also to extract ourselves from the EU.