Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Fencepost No.9: Proceeds of Crime Act

Mission creep and "unintended"* consequences of legislation is a common factor of Britain and the world today, with more lawyers in government than appears healthy.

Via The Devil, who outlines the issue far better than I, we see how the Proceeds of Crime Act, designed to enable the State to seize the assets of drug dealers, is being used to, frankly, destroy the entire life and livelihood of a couple of fishermen caught breaking what could be argued as arbitrary quotas (set down by a foreign power?).

They become guilty until proven innocent, having to scrabble around and prove the legitimacy of all their transactions. That is an outrage.

People always try and swat away concerns about such laws along the lines of "if you have done nothing wrong..." or "they would not dare do that...", but here you have it...AGAIN. We see how the terrorism act is misused. We see here how seizure of property is now misused and a foundation of Common Law is cast aside. Seizing property has long been prohibited under English Law to prevent abuses by the State/Elite over the citizenry. It has now been effectively dismantled under the cover of fighting "the war on drugs".

The War on Drugs is a war that should not have been started, let alone be continued. End it. Repeal the Proceeds of Crime Act. Uproot this fencepost!

* really?

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