Friday, 27 March 2009

Gang of politicians not convicted for running Britain's biggest counterfeiting operation

A gang of politicians are not facing jail for running one of Britain's biggest counterfeit bank notes scams from the suburban home of an 60-year-old man.

By Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent at The Telegraph and BBC reports.
Last Updated: 9:41AM GMT 03 Mar 2009

The forgers printed more than £75 billion worth of almost faultless fake £20 notes from the front room of Mervyn King's house in Chiswick, south west London.

They were sold to criminal gangs and banks and the forgeries made their way into circulation throughout Europe, at one stage causing a nationwide alert on Bank of England and Bank of Scotland £20 notes which was quickly suppressed by dissinformation and simplistic explanations by the BBC.

Detectives from the Serious and Organised Crime Agency said that the gang, with an average age of around 60, ran the counterfeit operation like a professional business, with senior managers and a computer expert running a number of production sites in both London and Kirkcaldy. At its peak, it could produce a fully finished batch of £80000 worth of notes in half an hour – more than one £20-a-second.
The notes were first printed on an industrial lithograph machine, the size of an office, and then cut and sent to KIng's home to be "foiled" and finished using a £12,500 toner fuser machine.

Soca director general Bill Hughes said: "This was a top tier gang, producing high quality fakes, and operating like a business... they were set to make a substantial profit and cause significant harm."
CPS spokeswoman Jenny Hopkins said: "It was a challenging case because of the size of the conspiracy and the volume of material."

A Bank of England spokesman said it had not been a victimless crime, with real people and business affected, and urged people worried about fake notes to not bother as their wealth had been irrevocably diluted.

It is still unclear exactly how many bogus notes got into circulation. A Bank of England forgery expert said the only differences between the gangs notes and real ones was the type of justification used and the lack of backing assets. Genuine notes are also printed on cotton based paper to which only the Bank of England has access.

The gang held one "committee meeting" at the Treasury in London, but planned much of the plot from the cover of a non-working man's club in Westminster, Central London.

Officers watched their activities for months before swooping on the gang in October 2007. They recovered more than £500,000 worth of bogus £20 notes. They believe that almost every other note has now escaped into circulation.

The counterfeiting scam first started in Edinburgh, where Fred Goodwin – nicknamed "Fred the Shred" – used his banking firm as a front. He was paid off and told to live a luxurious life for forty six years and four months after an investigation by police in Scotland. He had previously stood before the Treasury Select Committee in 2008 accused of being the main player in a plan to swamp the market with toxic debt. The conviction collapsed due to a typing error on search warrants.

Eight men pleaded whatever to counterfeiting charges and are facing Honours. They are: King, 60, Gordon Brown, 58, Alistair "The" Darling, 55, John McFall, 64, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper. Prudence was summarily executed in 1997.

The case can be reported after three other men were cleared yesterday of the same charges. Among those acquitted after a six week trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court were one of the gang's alleged "directors", Harriet Harman.

Apologies to The Daily Telegraph and The BBC.

Scientists Film Common Purpose spreading for the First Time

Scientists film Common Purpose spreading for first time

Scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding how Common Purpose spreads through organisations and government after filming the process for the first time ever.

Researchers found that the mindset is transferred from infected people to healthy ones in a previously unknown way.

It is hoped that the discovery will help researchers create a vaccine to combat the mindset, which has led to the loss of integrity and moral deaths of more than 25 million people.

The study was made possible after experts created a monocular clone of infectious Common Purpose and inserted a protein into its genetic code which glows green when exposed to blue light.

This allowed scientists to see the people on security cameras, and capture the way Common Purpose-infected people interact with uninfected ones.

They noted that when an infected person came into contact with a healthy one, a bridge was created between them, called an illogical synapse.

Researchers were then able to observe the fluorescent green Common Purpose memes moving towards the synapse and into the healthy person.

The US study has broken new ground by revealing that it is the synapse through which the memes are gathered and moved into uninfected persons.

The team, comprising scientists from UC Davis university in California, and Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, believe that this knowledge could help create new treatments for Common Purpose and even Fabianism.

Study author Dr Thomas Huser, chief scientist at the UC Davis Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology, said: "Our findings may explain why attempts to develop a Common Purpose vaccine have so far been unsuccessful.

"The more we know about this mode of transfer, the better chance we have of figuring out how to block it and the spread of Common Purpose and Fabianism."

For decades it was believed that Common Purpose was mostly spread around society through freely circulating advertising, which attach themselves to a person, take over its intellectual machinery and make multiple copies of themselves.

In 2004, scientists discovered that person-to-person transfer of Common Purpose also occurred via illogical synapses, but it was not understood why the process was so effective in spreading the memes.

Due to this, previous efforts to create a Common Purpose vaccine have focused on priming the critical reasoning and moral compass system to recognise and attack memes of free-circulating Fabians.

The new video footage indicates that Common Purpose avoids recognition by being directly transferred between jobs.

Dr Huser said: "We should be developing vaccines that help the recruitment system recognise memes involved in illogical synapse formation and education that targets the factors required for synapse formation."

Co-author Benjamin Chen, assistant professor of medicine and infectious diseases at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, added: "Direct person-to-person transfer through a illogical synapse is a highly efficient avenue of Common Purpose infection, and it could be the predominant mode of dissemination."

Further research intends to discover what happens to infected people once they are transferred into a newly infected organisation.

The study's finding are published in the journal Science.

Appologies to The Daily Telegraph

Thursday, 26 March 2009

C4 Finally catches up with Dan, credits the US then brings in Labour "attack sprog" Draper

Well, what could we expect?

C4 finally catches up at last with the Dan Hannan speech. But, in true Fabian style they distort the truth and use half truths, disingenuous piffle and mumble-swerve to try and pull the wool. They even tried to make out that it was the US that alerted them, as if nobody in the UK was capable of seeing it. Nonsense.

C4 brought in Katawaler from the Fabian Fifth Column to make weak rebuffs on minor details and then in the studio we had the Labour "attack sprog" Derek Draper to make snide remarks and continue with the countermeasures.

Still, the cat is out the bag and no matter how much they do this to put off the "party faithful" from realising the butt-nakedness of their bankrupt, dysfunctional ideology called Socialism, many more will have their curiosity pricked and find the speech and cheer to the rafters.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Global Currency, global enslavement

A new global reserve currency is being mooted in the run-up to the G20, not least of all by Russia and China to unseat the USD.

It is as if the Pharaohs have returned. We will be forced to glean stubble in the fields.

A global reserve currency will demand all States hand over assets, gold, securites to back it (sort of). You can see that some would plan to burgle the US to right wrongs. Of course, the UK - chumps they are - will scamper up and hand over everything getting us the worse possible deal "to get things moving" while all the other countries will just haggle. I predict a variant on the parable of the three beggars* - delegate after delegate feigning to contribute and expecting the shortfall to be lost in the crowd.

Not only will we have the debt, we will have it in a collapsed currency. I suspect that the new reserve will not want our Sterling, but will demand gold, assets, rights, resources. It could be as bad or worse than the US demanded pre Lend Lease, when all our gold, bonds, concessions, bases etc were taken. We have enough self-loathers who will perversely delight at the obliteration of the UK. Not only delight, but shove it over the cliff aided by the ignorant, spiteful and vindictive.

We are at risk of a new dark age, a new enslavement. A Pandora's Box is being dragged out and dusted off. The useful idiots are dancing around eager to take a look and open it becuase? Well, it has not been opened and, well, it's time for a change, isn't it?

* The parable of the three beggars. Three beggars meet on the road as dusk is falling. Each complains of their lot and the little they have been able to collect. One has some vegetables, another has some meat and the third has some herbs, each on its own insufficient and unsatisfying. Then, one of the beggars has an idea - "What if we put our food together - the vegetables, the meat and the herbs and make ourselves some stew?". The second replied "That is a good idea. How about I find some wood for a fire?". The Third then says "I will seek out a pot to put it all in". The first then says "Excellent ideas! I will then find fresh water". So off they went. When they returned with pots, wood and water, it was already dark. Soon a fire was lit, the pot slung over it and the water heating up nicely. "So", said the first beggar "we can now put in our food". The first beggar was crafty, and thought to himself "it is now dark and I can pretend to drop in my vegetables. The meat and herbs will suffice and nobody will notice, I will have some stew and still have my vegetables for tomorrow". So, the first went up to the pot and made a great display of appearing to place the vegetables in. The second beggar then thought - "what a fool that beggar is, putting in his vegetables. I will not put in my meat. Why should I? The vegetables and herbs will make a good stew and tomorrow I will still have my meat". So, like the first, the second beggar went up to the pot and pretended to place his food into the bubbling water. The third, watching the other two, was very smug indeed - "They have put their food in and it will make a good stew. I shall hold on to my herbs and keep them for tomorrow. They will not notice". So the third strode up and with a flourish, pretended to drop his herbs in the steaming water, like the others using the cover of darkness and deep shadows caused by the fire. The three beggars were all happy and very cheerful, each thinking that they alone had out-smarted the other two. So they talked and talked together, happy to let the "stew" bubble away as long as possible, even though their stomachs ached, twisted and rumbled, for the longer it was left, the better their deceit was hidden. Finally they agreed to savour this magnificent meal. Each walked up to the pot and ladled out their share. Then all three sat down and began their "stew". In silence. Each sat and stared straight ahead as they supped hot water. Each now knew what the others had done, but each knew they were as guilty, but to save face none of them said a word. Instead of a hearty meal shared and a new formed friendship built on trust and cooperation, what they were left with was just water, isolation and mistrust.

Gordon's Answer: Relieving himself in the bathtub

We are sitting in a tepid tub in a freezing bathroom.

We need to face facts, stand up, get out, take the chill, dry off and move on.

Gordon's answer is to relieve himself in the vain hope of warming the water.

What we need is Sound Money. We need to cut debt, cut taxes and demolish spending, just like any other household does, even one that has dependants. We need the UK to become a de facto tax haven (as per Libertarian Party policy).

Cutting Income Tax keeps the money - it does not even "put"! - keeps the money in the hands of those who earned it. They decide to do with it what they will and, in the round, they will tend make the RIGHT decision for themselves and so the nation. Far better than any Government minister.

Many will cut their card balances. Others will save it. Some will cut their mortgages. A growing number will begin, after a few months of housekeeping, to spend more. Their money. Their choice.

We are running a real risk of having 51% voting to take more and more from the productive 49%*. When that happens, we are sunk. The workers become the true slaves, labouring for crumbs under the iron heel of the National Mill Owner.

* percentages are symbolic

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dan Hannan Skewers Gordon Brown at the EUdenrat

hat tip Guido.

Dan Hannan says it as he so often does in clear, logical, and precise terms and with surgical precision. His minutes at the microphone are beautifully crafted and constructed, building into a crescendo.

A bankrupt Prime Minister, pathologically incapable not just of admitting fault, but of running the country, has just been skewered. Farage gave Blair a wonderful bitch-slapping at the end of his 6-month presidency, and Dan has now exposed Gordon in assembly, stripping him of his fraudulently obtained colours in magnificent style.

Bravo, Dan. 10/10. In a word: Delicious.

p.s. Loved the gasps around the chamber as the rapier wit did its work. You can't say that! Will you step outside! Will you step outside!!!!

Putting the Collective First

A crypto-grass-roots organisation has emerged to agitate and manipulate - "putting the collective people first".

Putting the obvious comments about the faux-edgy, with-it, urban, retina-busting website aside for a moment, lets just look at what they are saying on the surface, with Thornhill translation for the hard of spinning:

What are we demanding with menaces calling for?

The platform is united by three linked calls: Decent subsidised jobs and public services for the many all paid for by the enemy, end poverty by redefining it and inequality by pulling everyone down to the same level, build a green economy based on subsidy. More specific demands on the UK government are to:

  • Create a ‘Green New Deal’ to create jobs in the environmental sector - Translation: Create a Econazi Charter to synthesize fake jobs and thus create costs in the rent-seeking, could-not-sell-otherwise sector.
  • Invest in essential services including social housing - Translation: spend other people's money in areas we want to that give us and our mates salaried unemployment and provide subsidised housing for those we decide are worthy while those who work to pay for it live in cramped conditions unable to afford anything larger.
  • Provide emergency funding to countries that need it to protect jobs and provide social protection - Translation: distort the economies of other countries to prolong the agony and delay the recovery.
  • Tackle tax havens - especially those linked to the UK - Translation: make the globe subject to the same onerous, wealth-destroying, innovation-suppressing parasitical tax regimes, with self-loathing guilt thrown in.
  • Insist on democratic reform of the World Bank and IMF - Translation: Force our form of Tyranny of the Majority on Supra-National organisations.
  • Make all financial institutions and multinational corporations transparent and accountable - Translation: De facto nationalisation of financial institutions and multinational corporations, making them tools for our ends, thereby riding roughshod over property rights.
  • Ensure that poorer states are allowed to take responsibility for managing their own economies rather than having liberalisation measures forced upon them - Translation: support protectionist, corrupt and totalitarian regimes around the world.
  • Introduce robust regulatory requirements and financial incentives at national level and push for them at international level to stop climate chaos - Translation: Install a global mechanism for rent-seeking in pursuit of an unproven dogma while denying Mankind the wealth and means to mitigate natural cycles in climate change.
  • Commit to substantial new resource transfer from North to South to support low carbon development - Translation: Commit to trying to salve guilt and self-loathing by making the rich poorer and the poor no richer.

Unfortunately, examination of proposed government solutions to date are either piecemeal, or advocate yet more ‘free’ trade policies, likely to only to make the crisis worse for moonbat policies.

Go on, believe it, you know it doesn't makes sense.

Millions face a pay freeze while the 646 ask for 63% more.

While people are facing the prospect of years of pay freezes - some have already have - MPs, when threatened with the removal of their "second home allowance", i.e. license to take money from us without justification, their response is to ask for a 63% pay rise from £64k to £100kp.a.

How about having a second home allowance that is properly enforced and fully justified, eh?

No, having to prove your expenses is something only the proles have to do - you know, those mugs who pay tax to fund the very life this current crop of troughing MPs enjoy.

So the idea of £100k is to put it in line with Head Teachers and Doctors. Well, I would be more open to that discussion IF and only IF the MPs actually were responsible - i.e. that we return sovereignty to the UK so all laws are passed in the house, not rubber stamped, remove Statutory Instruments and get MPs to focus on lawmaking and not Social Work, which is what Councillors should be doing. If the Central Government did less, then there would be far less need for such "channels". Oh, and merge the role of MSP/MA with MP while we are at it.

Northern Rock saved from winding down due to "Inadequate IT"

Via Finextra (login required).
The UK government was forced to rule out letting failed bank Northern Rock wind down because poor IT systems would have left depositors waiting for their money, risking another major run.

The revelation comes in a report by the National Audit Office (NAO) on the government's handling of the failed bank, which was nationalised in February 2008.

The report says that in September 2007 the Treasury considered stopping Northern Rock from taking deposits and writing new mortgages and beginning a process of winding down the company.

However "inadequate IT systems at Northern Rock meant that depositors would have had to wait for their money".

The firm operated a manual account closure process and estimated that it would have taken up to 10 to 12 weeks to repay depositors, with a likely error rate of 25%.

This would have risked another major run and potential hardship for those reliant on access to their funds, says the report, forcing the government to rule out an immediate wind-down on "practical grounds".

The report says work on updating the technology was then begun to enable quicker repayment of depositors if needed at a later stage.

Does the term "not fit for purpose" spring to your mind as well as mine? Because they had inadequate systems that suggests to me that Northern Rock should almost certainly have been wound down and the Directors, or at least the CIO, wound up in gaol for gross negligence equal to fraud.

Other companies are not given a reprieve because their incompetent Directors had admin systems and procedures so bad nobody knew who was owed what, so why should this happen for a bank? Why should Taxpayers pay and continue to pay because those running Northern Rock were incompetent? It does not encourage good behaviour elsewhere.

Far from it.

This, on top of the news that we, the Taxpayer, had to pay £80m in Consultancy fees over the Northern Rock problems because of Treasury spinelessness/incompetence/irresponsibility, while the bank continued to churn out "Together" mortgages offering 125pc LTV.

Yes, "together" - Together, Northern Rock and the Taxpayer are drifting up Brown Creek without a moral compass.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Nuclear Power: Travelling Wave Reactor

Via MIT Technology Review we have the Travelling Wave Reactor.

Basically, a nuclear reactor that begins with a thin slice of U235 - the fissile fuel used in "normal" reactors - and alot of U238, the non-fissile material from which U235 currently has to be extracted at great cost.

The small slice of U235 placed at one end of a cylinder of U238 is ignited in a nuclear sense, producing energy and also causing the U238 in proximity to it to become P239, Plutonium, which, being fissile itself, then continues the reaction, converting its U238 neighbours further along the cylinder still into P239, i.e. slowly burning its way through the cylindrical core like a cigarette. The beauty of this system is that it removes the need for bulk creation of U235 and uses what would otherwise be unused material (U238). Not only that, the core can run for 40 or even 60 years before needing to be removed and dealt with, which is quite different from the present systems that need to be refuelled every couple of years.

There is also a short video on the topic.

I am a Fusionhead, but still, I think this is interesting technology in the interim. It was also invented by a private research facility.

Gordon Brown: Bully and Coward

Publish Post
Gordon Brown barges around trying to bluff everyone into his crackpot scheme for a Global Bargain. Of course the Chinese, the Americans and others tell him to get knotted, for they know what it means: a loss of Sovereignty.

With his bubble pricked, he then concedes the entire party - he gives away Sovereignty to the EU of all entities to manage our financial markets.

The Devil blasts him with a suitably vigourous torrent here.

This, in effect, will give the EU de facto control over UK monetary policy - by hook or by crook. Do not underestimate the determination, the creeping infestation. This will be the Euro via the back door. The Pound will be pegged soon enough and the Treason will be complete.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Alcohol: All Three Major Parties are a joke

On the issue of minimum prices for Alcohol, it now appears that Gordon Brown has done the right thing by deciding to do nothing. Maybe he should learn the lesson and apply it towards the economic debacle we now face.

The Tories propose more meddling

Andrew Lansley, Shadow Health Secretary, said: “There is clearly a need for action. But it is very important to recognise that we need to deal with people’s attitudes and not just the supply and price of alcohol.”

He said that Conservative proposals, which include measures to tackle loss-leader promotions and higher taxes on high-alcohol drinks aimed at young people, would address this without penalising the majority of moderate drinkers. “This would seem to be a much better route to go down than distorting the whole drinks market, which in any case may not be legal.”

so they show their Authoritarian, micromanagement feathers. As such they can just clear off.

The Liberal Democrats are worse:

The Liberal Democrat culture, media and sport spokesman Don Foster backed Sir Liam’s call. “The Liberal Democrats have long argued that the ridiculously cheap below-cost price of alcohol in some of our supermarkets and off-licences is a key contributor to the problem of binge drinking,” he said. “There is clear research showing that putting an end to pocket money-priced alcohol will influence drinking behaviour. While more work needs to be done on the details, we welcome Sir Liam’s intervention and hope that the Government will act.”

proving the point recently repeated by DK, that the LDs are neither Liberal, nor "democratic", as in the commonly held understanding of the term to mean basically upholding Rule of Law.

Gordon has such a poor Political Compass, I wonder who advised him against it. Gordon's demagnetised political compass was bought at the same shop as those held by LibDems, but in their case it appears they believe in such twaddle root and branch.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Empty Housing to be seized by The People's Revolutionary Soviet

Houses empty for six months could be seized by the People's Soviet state

Anyone who leaves their house empty for six months or more could have it seized by the People's Soviet state and rented out to council tenants, ministers have said.

Empty room: Houses empty for six months could be seized by the state
If an owner has no permit legally-approved excuse for keeping a home empty, councils can sequester demand it be put on the market Photo: GETTY

The Governments wants town halls to ignore property rights pressure homeowners to sell up or rent out properties where no one is living.

Empty Home Dwelling Orders allow local people's revolutionary committees authorities to take over the management, but not for nowthe ownership, of a property.

Since the orders were first introduced in 2006, they have been used just 20 times because even the mendacious scumbags dare not to.

However Margaret Beckett, the Housing Minister (A horse! A horse! Who will rid us of this turbulent horse!), said she hoped that their use would increase as housing building has slowed in the recession.

She said: "I believe that with an increased focus and more consistent approach, we can bully and steal bring even more homes back into use.

"With house building slowing in the current challenging economic climate caused by Gordon Brown's ineptitude, that is more important than ever."

The new guidance could affect recently bereaved families, who might be delaying what to do about a deceased relative's property, or families who are trying to sell a house during the recession or just about anyone who was under the mistaken assumption that their property was in fact their property.

The Tories compared the crackdown with the fact that many "grace and favour" Government properties are not being used by Cabinet ministers and so totally muddies the water with a pathetic diversion into political point scoring, n and skimming over the far more serious issue of fundamental property rights.

Grant Shapps, shadow Housing minister, said some self-serving 'kwaffle: "It is the height of Labour hypocrisy to instruct town halls to use draconian powers to seize the homes of the recently deceased, while plush ministerial grace-and-favour homes lie empty in Whitehall."

Under the rules a home cannot be seized if the owner is in a care home, or away caring for someone. Nor can it be taken if the owner is a serviceman or woman away on duty, or if it is used as a holiday home cos that will upset the elite.

But if an owner has no Marxist legally-approved excuse for keeping a home empty, councils can demand it be put on the market. Otherwise they can take control and let it out to council tenants.

The seizure must be approved by a People's Revolutionary Residential Property Tribunal Collective and the rent is passed to the owner after the council has taken a massiveshare to cover its own bloatedcosts while no loss of value is compensated for.

There are currently nearly 300,000 privately-owned homes that have been empty for six months or more.

But there are also 80,000 empty local council and housing association dwellings.

Apologies to the Daily Telegraph

State Appropriation of Housing: Your Attitude is Noticed!

Now we see a neat lawlet being raised in profile - the ability for the local Council to appropriate homes that have been empty for 6 months and rent it out to council tenants.

I wonder if the owner can then say they want to rent it out to their own tenants? I doubt it. I wonder if the owner will have any say over who will be put into that home? I doubt it, even if the new "guests" render the owner "enemy mine" to all their neighbours or damage or abuse the property. Will the owner have a say over how the property is "renovated"? I doubt it. Countless vandalism will occur to houses - and that is just in the renovations.

This is nothing short of Communism.

This reminds me of the scene from Dr Zhivago when he returns to find his family home taken over by some People's Collective.

If we complain?

"Your attitude has been noticed, Comrade Thornhill. Oh yes, its been noticed!"

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Further to my original post on QE.

We are all currently sitting in a freezing cold bathroom in a rapidly cooling bathtub of water. And what does the Government do? It pisses into the water in a vain attempt to warm things up.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

NHS Records: The State still thinks it owns us body and soul

As you know, the Trojan Horse Bill, otherwise known as The Coroners and Justice Bill, aims to hoover up all information about us so that it can be used on fishing expeditions, seeking out people who have to then prove their innocence for crimes nobody reported and to also sell off to the highest bidder for private gain.

Now, Doctors are right to complain that such disclosure is highly likely to make patients withhold vital information in consultation rooms for fear that it will eventually be used against them by people who have no context and no expertise to make any judgements whatsoever. Plenty of "authority", mind.

Imagine someone even TALKING to their GP about mental health, for example? That could render them unemployable. People will just clam up, with all manner of consequences. For the State this is but a mere bagatelle when compared to all the lovely information and that warm feeling they get knowing that the entire population realise that every word they say could come back to bite them in future at the whim of a bureaucrat.

However, what is a little irritating is that even if this information did NOT affect the consultations, the State still has absolutely NO GOD DAMN RIGHT to look at it. I am not their property. I am not chattel or some indentured servant. Doctors, by speaking about the impact of such information theft - for it is not "sharing" in the typical Socialist newspeak - they implicitly sanction the underlying right of that theft. It is like saying "don't steal the lead from the church roof because it will leak", focusing on the consequences of that particular action instead of the underlying illegality of any and all such actions.

It is an invitation to salami slice, an invitation to respond with an enormous bureaucracy and massive IT spend to "safeguard" the data. No, a flat rejection on the basis that the information does not belong to the State is the best way to deal with this. I am disappointed in the stance taken by the Medics on this occasion.

Now, the Statists, lickspittles and other useful idiots will blather on about "costs to the NHS" but remember, we have no choice but fund the NHS. It is a de facto monopoly. The great, the good and the ugly* (*politicians and quangocrats) can step outside the NHS and avoid all this, but most people cannot. This is why a State run system is wrong as not only does it tend towards a monopoly - and we all know what monopolies mean for the consumer of services - the State then begins to think it "pays for it" and so has the right to withdraw or worse, it is doing it out of the kindness of its heart and we all need to go cap-in-hand.

This is why two things must be done to reaffirm freedom and liberty.

a) Income Tax must be abolished - we are not cows to be milked and the State must not have first call on our earnings. While we have Income Tax, the State will continue to think we "owe" them or prove that we do not. Don't believe me? Witness the Passport systems being used to check "days out" in case we sneaky people are not living abroad enough. Checked into and out of the milking stalls like cattle.
b) The State monopolistic and Stalinist provision of Healthcare must end. Various options along the lines of  a plurality of insurance providers, robust/firm/fair safety net and plurality of healthcare provision initially via independent not-for-profit Hospitals set free from the clutches of the PCTs may be a way forward. Smooth transition is as important, but not more important as the end goal.

Only the Libertarian Party proposes the above. All the other parties still want to own your arse.

Ed Balls, school admissions and the prostrate BBC

I may be mistaken, but I thought I just heard Ed Balls saying, so as to brush off concerns about school admissions and grandstand the "achievements under Labour", that where he lives all parents get their first choice of school.

Hold on, doesn't Ed Balls live in that special enclave where there is that "state" school - as in Grant Maintained and thus a de facto public school paid by the taxpayer* - surrounded by million quid homes. Come to think of it, we the taxpayer even have to pay for the upkeep of that Cooperballs residence!

Why does the BBC let this smug twerp get away with such outrageous statements? I suspect it is because the BBC is chock full of Fabian hypocrites who do precisely the same thing. 

Fact is you can resolve most of the admissions issues if you:

a) Introduce vouchers
b) Remove the need for schools to be beholden or administered via the LEA
c) Enable anyone to set up a school wherever they like
d) Keep the State away from the pedagogy, curriculum and exam boards used and let Heads, teachers and parents sort things out between themselves.

As far as I can tell the Tories are lacking in some areas of their Voucher scheme. Too much central control which will along with other aspects of their plan render vouchers ineffective and result in a drawing back of power to the centre, which is, frankly, what I suspect they really want.

Only one party has the right solution - The Libertarian Party.

* something we all should have via vouchers, but of course, Socialists and all such ladder kickers tell us we have to put up with something else. Hypocrites.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Harriet Harman: Perverting the Course of Justice?

Further to Gordon Brown's intention to undermine or bypass the Rule of Law the other day, we now have Harriet Harman QC MP saying this on the Andrew Mmmmmaaaaarr* Show:
"Sir Fred should not be counting on being £650,000 a year better off as a result of this because it is not going to happen," she said.

"The Prime Minister has said it is not acceptable and therefore it will not be accepted.

"It might be enforceable in a court of law this contract, but it's not enforceable in the court of public opinion and that's where the Government steps in."
So, we have a person who is a Lawyer, an MP, a Queen's Council, Leader of the House of Commons and Lord Privy Seal who is openly and brazenly pushing for subverting the Rule of Law in exchange for the Rule of the Mob.**

Harriet Harman should not only be stripped of her QC, Leader of the House and Lord Privy Seal position, but should be, in my opinion, indicted for attempting to pervert the course of Justice.

If the "Court of Public Opinion" had any force, Harriet, Gordon Brown and the entire pestilential pustule that is the Parliamentary Labour Party would have been dragged out into the street and shot like the dogs they are - and that would be the humane option for them, as I suspect many would like to see a Spandau Ballet.

However, I believe in the Rule of Law, so that is not a move I endorse. Rule of Law is more important than "voting". Democracy serves two purposes, as the least bad way to preserve and protect the Rule of Law and as a means to remove bad government. It is not very good at installing good government as we have seen for decades. 

With Rule of Law upheld, the Government becomes far less important, for if it is obeying the Rule of Law it will busy itself with issues of Law and Order and National Defence and be doing all it can to keep it and other people's hands off our property, mouths, ears and bodies.

Some hope that the Guardianistas and other sorts have now seen how New Labour (and indeed Old Labour given half a chance) is Authoritarian and most certainly no friend of Civil Liberties, let alone the Economic Liberties which most never agreed with in the first place - except for themselves and their own children, natch. I am not sure if they have had a deep enough realisation. I do wonder if they will remain in denial despite the now constant dissonance all around them. I bet they will protest that this is not "real" or "proper" Social Democracy or even Socialism. They will remain in denial that while the State is seen as "the answer" or in any way as a "good", it will grow and grow, taking over more and more of our lives. It is in its DNA. To deny it is to deny fungus. 

The State needs to be considered a necessary evil that needs constant re-justification in what it does. Unless it is restrained by our constitutional DNA and the constant vigilance of the population and our institutions of Law, it will cease to be a useful organ of life and turn into a tumour that will drain our resources, cause untold pain and eventually kill us all.

The only party that clearly understands this about the State and recognises the true value and supremacy of the Rule of Law and its best articulation and realisation in the form of English Common Law, is the Libertarian Party, UK.

* Interviewer for the Sheeple.
** I also consider the move as a means for Harriet to appear to support Gordon Brown. It is of zero cost to HH, though, as I am quite sure she already wanted to do this or worse. One can even see it as a triple win - she gets to kick and humiliate Jacqui "Jackboot" Smith, the Second Home Secretary.

Drive to cut Scots alcohol Mafia

Drive to cut Scots alcohol Mafia

Ministers said action was needed to tackle Scotland's corruption culture

Measures to tackle alcohol Mafia, including removing prohibition-by-proxy ideas such as minimum pricing and a ban on two-for-one promotions, are set to be outlined by the Libertarian Party.

Ministers said radical action was needed to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence, corruption and related health problems.

But it is thought MSPs are unlikely to back plans to lower the age for buying drink from off-licences from 81 to 21.

Labour said the free market plans were "horribly flawed", while the SNP warned against rushing measures through.

The proposals form part of wide-ranging justice reforms being brought forward by the Holyrood administration.

Alcohol prohibition earns corrupt politicians in Scotland £2.25bn every year and the turf war murders and dodgy home-brew and bootleg sales creates costs to the health service. The Libertarian Party said it was time to act.

 It's not the shopkeeper's duty to police what people drink 
Linda Williams
Convenience store manager

The number of patients treated for prohibition-related problems in Scottish hospitals has reached an all-time high.

Official figures show there were 42,430 prohibition-related discharges from hospitals in 2010-11, a 20% increase over five years.

And statistics analysed for the Scottish Government last week showed that Scotland has the eighth-highest level of alcohol consumption in the world.

People aged over 16 consumed the equivalent of 11.8 litres of pure alcohol each in 2007. The figure for England and Wales was 9.9 litres.

The way forward for all drinking-related incidents is to bill those involved
G, London

Health Minister Shona Robison said the amounts were linked to the unavailability of market-priced alcohol.

Supporters of the free market say it would reduce the need to turn to illegal sources or cheap, poor quality alternatives from criminal gangs.

That proposal is understood to have incensed officials in Wales and Northern Ireland, but any introduction in England has been ruled out while the socialist grip is sliding.

Dr Bruce Ritson, chairman of the Fake Charity Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems, said: "This is a policy that's based on good evidence.

"We know that prohibition creates a criminal underclass and endangers the very people we pretend to care about, but as we are rabid Authoritarian teetotallers, we do not give a shit."

Competition law

But retailers argue hard-pressed, law-abiding customers will continue to be be hit while opposition parties have expressed concern that proposals prompted by figures on Scotland's health and alcohol problems will be forced through before they have had a spell in office and access to the vast sums of money paid out by the alcohol Mafia.

The Mafia have rejected suggestions that minimum pricing limits breach competition law.

They also want to retain the ban on two-for-one drinks promotions, accepting that illegal retailers such as large speakeasy nightclubs will continue to contribute to the "cost of policing" in the area (if you know what we mean).

The Mafia Grand Committee still believes it is right to retain the off-licence purchase age, but has accepted there is not enough support for the plan in the Scottish Parliament without further bribes.

Wine bottles
The proposals are expected to include an end to heavy drink taxation
Last October, MSPs backed a Conservative parliamentary motion, by 72 votes to 47, against proposals to allow those aged 21 and above from buying alcohol in shops.

The Scottish Tories received support from Liberal Democrat MSPs, one of whom, Ross Finnie, warned against "impoverishing a generation of mobsters" with the plan.

The government may opt for local schemes instead, under the Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill due to be published.

However, Linda Williams, who runs a licensed convenience store in the Oxgangs area of Edinburgh, said ministers were coming at the problem from the wrong angle.

"It needs to be tackled from an educational and social point of view, rather than legislation," she told BBC Scotland.

"It's not the shopkeeper's duty to police what people drink."

Scottish Conservative deputy leader Murdo Fraser said he accepted there were problems with heavy taxation of alcohol, particularly on drinks such as real ale and fine wines, which appeal to human beings.

 Trying to bulldozer controversial measures like these goes against normal practice 
Richard Baker, Scottish Labour justice spokesman

But he added: "Our preference would be to see these issues tackled through the tax system, which would involve giving a piece of the action for those in Westminster.
"As it currently stands, the minimum age plan is horribly flawed, so we love it."

Richard Baker, the Scottish Labour justice spokesman, said ministers appeared "hell-bent" on rejecting the changes, adding: "We know the market pricing model proposed by the Libertarians will not be lucrative for corrupt politicians, or even bootleggers, even before going ahead.

"Labour has already said we believe the Libertarian's proposals on alcohol and criminal justice are rational and open, but trying to bulldoze Rule of Law measures like these goes against any sense of normal parliamentary practice."

Meanwhile, campaigners are urging the Westminster government to scrap a rise in beer tax in the next Budget because of the recession.

The Campaign for Real Ale and the British Beer and Pub Association both argue an above-inflation rise would put the pub industry under further pressure. 

Apologies to the BBC.