Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Gordon's Answer: Relieving himself in the bathtub

We are sitting in a tepid tub in a freezing bathroom.

We need to face facts, stand up, get out, take the chill, dry off and move on.

Gordon's answer is to relieve himself in the vain hope of warming the water.

What we need is Sound Money. We need to cut debt, cut taxes and demolish spending, just like any other household does, even one that has dependants. We need the UK to become a de facto tax haven (as per Libertarian Party policy).

Cutting Income Tax keeps the money - it does not even "put"! - keeps the money in the hands of those who earned it. They decide to do with it what they will and, in the round, they will tend make the RIGHT decision for themselves and so the nation. Far better than any Government minister.

Many will cut their card balances. Others will save it. Some will cut their mortgages. A growing number will begin, after a few months of housekeeping, to spend more. Their money. Their choice.

We are running a real risk of having 51% voting to take more and more from the productive 49%*. When that happens, we are sunk. The workers become the true slaves, labouring for crumbs under the iron heel of the National Mill Owner.

* percentages are symbolic

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