Thursday, 26 March 2009

C4 Finally catches up with Dan, credits the US then brings in Labour "attack sprog" Draper

Well, what could we expect?

C4 finally catches up at last with the Dan Hannan speech. But, in true Fabian style they distort the truth and use half truths, disingenuous piffle and mumble-swerve to try and pull the wool. They even tried to make out that it was the US that alerted them, as if nobody in the UK was capable of seeing it. Nonsense.

C4 brought in Katawaler from the Fabian Fifth Column to make weak rebuffs on minor details and then in the studio we had the Labour "attack sprog" Derek Draper to make snide remarks and continue with the countermeasures.

Still, the cat is out the bag and no matter how much they do this to put off the "party faithful" from realising the butt-nakedness of their bankrupt, dysfunctional ideology called Socialism, many more will have their curiosity pricked and find the speech and cheer to the rafters.

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