Wednesday, 11 March 2009

State Appropriation of Housing: Your Attitude is Noticed!

Now we see a neat lawlet being raised in profile - the ability for the local Council to appropriate homes that have been empty for 6 months and rent it out to council tenants.

I wonder if the owner can then say they want to rent it out to their own tenants? I doubt it. I wonder if the owner will have any say over who will be put into that home? I doubt it, even if the new "guests" render the owner "enemy mine" to all their neighbours or damage or abuse the property. Will the owner have a say over how the property is "renovated"? I doubt it. Countless vandalism will occur to houses - and that is just in the renovations.

This is nothing short of Communism.

This reminds me of the scene from Dr Zhivago when he returns to find his family home taken over by some People's Collective.

If we complain?

"Your attitude has been noticed, Comrade Thornhill. Oh yes, its been noticed!"

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