Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dan Hannan Skewers Gordon Brown at the EUdenrat

hat tip Guido.

Dan Hannan says it as he so often does in clear, logical, and precise terms and with surgical precision. His minutes at the microphone are beautifully crafted and constructed, building into a crescendo.

A bankrupt Prime Minister, pathologically incapable not just of admitting fault, but of running the country, has just been skewered. Farage gave Blair a wonderful bitch-slapping at the end of his 6-month presidency, and Dan has now exposed Gordon in assembly, stripping him of his fraudulently obtained colours in magnificent style.

Bravo, Dan. 10/10. In a word: Delicious.

p.s. Loved the gasps around the chamber as the rapier wit did its work. You can't say that! Will you step outside! Will you step outside!!!!


leogex said...

Mr. Hannan seems to be hatching quite a following here Stateside. Is there any truth to the talk about him being PM or is that just rumor control?

Roger Thornhill said...

He is at the Libertarian end of the Conservative Party, whereas Cameron (the incumbent) is in the "how many votes can we get for this" scattergun/centrist part of the Conservative Party.

Cameron will need to sharpen up his act.

leogex said...

Thanks for the clarification. He is rather young also isn't he, 32 or around there.

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