Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Ed Balls, school admissions and the prostrate BBC

I may be mistaken, but I thought I just heard Ed Balls saying, so as to brush off concerns about school admissions and grandstand the "achievements under Labour", that where he lives all parents get their first choice of school.

Hold on, doesn't Ed Balls live in that special enclave where there is that "state" school - as in Grant Maintained and thus a de facto public school paid by the taxpayer* - surrounded by million quid homes. Come to think of it, we the taxpayer even have to pay for the upkeep of that Cooperballs residence!

Why does the BBC let this smug twerp get away with such outrageous statements? I suspect it is because the BBC is chock full of Fabian hypocrites who do precisely the same thing. 

Fact is you can resolve most of the admissions issues if you:

a) Introduce vouchers
b) Remove the need for schools to be beholden or administered via the LEA
c) Enable anyone to set up a school wherever they like
d) Keep the State away from the pedagogy, curriculum and exam boards used and let Heads, teachers and parents sort things out between themselves.

As far as I can tell the Tories are lacking in some areas of their Voucher scheme. Too much central control which will along with other aspects of their plan render vouchers ineffective and result in a drawing back of power to the centre, which is, frankly, what I suspect they really want.

Only one party has the right solution - The Libertarian Party.

* something we all should have via vouchers, but of course, Socialists and all such ladder kickers tell us we have to put up with something else. Hypocrites.

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