Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Millions face a pay freeze while the 646 ask for 63% more.

While people are facing the prospect of years of pay freezes - some have already have - MPs, when threatened with the removal of their "second home allowance", i.e. license to take money from us without justification, their response is to ask for a 63% pay rise from £64k to £100kp.a.

How about having a second home allowance that is properly enforced and fully justified, eh?

No, having to prove your expenses is something only the proles have to do - you know, those mugs who pay tax to fund the very life this current crop of troughing MPs enjoy.

So the idea of £100k is to put it in line with Head Teachers and Doctors. Well, I would be more open to that discussion IF and only IF the MPs actually were responsible - i.e. that we return sovereignty to the UK so all laws are passed in the house, not rubber stamped, remove Statutory Instruments and get MPs to focus on lawmaking and not Social Work, which is what Councillors should be doing. If the Central Government did less, then there would be far less need for such "channels". Oh, and merge the role of MSP/MA with MP while we are at it.

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The Economic Voice said...

I'm surprised they're even asking this.

They write the rules and rubber stamp their own pay anyway.

It's never bothered them before.

All they would need to do is get a tame accountant to 'prove' it was cheaper for the taxpayer and bob's your uncle.

Any MP in a marginal seat could abstain for show.