Thursday, 7 May 2009

Alan Milburn: A keystone in Gordon's Downfall

The Spectator Coffeehouse raises the spectre of Alan Milburn.

I have long thought that Alan Milburn will be a major figure in a leadership challenge (see my comments at Iain Dale's, passim). My timing was off, as I thought he would appear when Blair stepped down, but then again it appears nobody could stomach the prospect of having a brooding Brown sitting dog-in-the-manger at the Treasury and on reflection they were probably right.

No, the Brown boil had to be lanced and the only way was to allow that big bag of pus to come to the surface. Leave it festering below the skin at the Treasury and it would just build up pressure, spread, cause untold pain and end up poisoning the blood, risking death for Labour.

Brown is now exposed and the pus is being drawn systematically to the surface. Everyone can see the huge glistening boil that is the mind of the Son of the Manse. It begs to be lanced. It NEEDS to be lanced. Gordon WANTS it to be lanced.

Brown is like Colonel Kurtz. Mad. Executing Socialism and its Authoritarian and spendthrift ways without any common decency or restraint, but begging to be put out of his misery. We need a young Captain to float up the Thames and act to terminate Gordon's command with extreme prejudice.

Clarke may be the one to get clearance for the mission, but will Milburn be the one to carry it out?

I think I will go look for a German dubbed clip of Apocalypse Now.

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