Friday, 24 July 2009

Norwich North: No such thing as a "bad" result for the LPUK

The LPUK's candidate, Thomas Burridge, gained 36 votes.

This was the LPUK"s first outing in a National election. To say we had a "bad" result is really not getting the point. Yes, retaining our deposit is a very good result, but the only truly "bad" result would be if the LPUK does not learn lessons from this campaign and this will only be known over time. I have confidence that the lessons will be leant.

I do hope Thomas sticks with it and in 5 years when the Tories are exposed as the mendacious, Authoritarian Centrist Statists that they have become under Cameron, Thomas will gain more votes.

Thomas had wisdom beyond his years before this election. It is safe to say that many more years of wisdom have been added to those shoulders since the by-election was called.