Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Census

The coming census, one that is to be collated by a US arms manufacturer who is compelled by US "law" to hand over ANY information they hold to the US government.

This is a textbook example of an attempt to conduct treason in plain sight.

I am not cattle. I am not a piece of inventory.

WE pay their salaries, so why is it THEY have the audacity to force US to tell THEM against OUR will?

We should be the ones doing a census on the STATE - where they live, how much they earn, how many kids. The car they drive. The sort of house they live in. Their religion. Number of holidays. Ethnicity. TV sets. PS3s. So WE who pay, WE who suffer them can see if bias, fraud, bloat or any other malpractice occurs.

Ha! I say "if".

We should begin with the House of Commons - go in and conduct a census to ask them the questions and "promise not to disclose to anyone except people who have or will pay us for the data but we shan't tell you whom nor ask for your consent when we do".

Why MPs first? Well, these people are the ones who are supposed to represent US, not their parties, not the State nor the Executive, but US, the voters. They are supposed to be our voice in Parliament, not a bunch of Farmers with his livestock going to market to get the best bids or to trade the milk he extracts.

They will refuse, so why should we accept it from them?

They need to remember who works for whom. No, I correct myself, they need to be TOLD whom works for whom, because I see no evidence of any stand in Parliament to stop this cattle drive.


James Higham said...

As nice a manifesto for Us as one could hope for.

Elby the Beserk said...

Are you the RogerOThornhill who posts on CiF by any chance?

Elby the Beserk said...

follow up post to get follow up...

Roger Thornhill said...

When did you see the ROT post? Have not posted on CiF for ages

Elby the Beserk said...


8 April 2011 7:49PM

If Milliband in opposition can't even defend the NHS an institution beloved by most of the people in this country and seen to be working without making concessions to Capital then what's the point of the Labour party?

Agree 100%. Private health is a parasite living off the NHS. It makes no contribution to the training costs of medical staff for which the taxpayer has forked out and cherry picks only those bits that will make them money. As soon as something becomes a long-term problem, then private insurers don't want to know and it's the NHS or nothing. Anyone ever seen a private sector A&E? No, me neither...

Roger Thornhill said...


Elby the Beserk said...

Interesting. I asked because I have had numerous run-ins with the guy on his views, frequently proving him wrong with stats. I saw your blog linked elsewhere, and though - ahah, he has a Blog. Arrived here to find that you were far closer to my worldview that RogerOThorhill on CiF who is a card-carrying New Labour clone.

Go get him!!!