Sunday, 3 February 2008

Double Dose of Moonbattery: Hygene and Polygamy

We see two examples of utter moonbattery.

First, some Mulsim medical students are refusing to wash themselves properly due to the fact they consider it "immodest". Fine, they are free to think that and to not wash themselves, so long as they don't become a nurse or a doctor. I cannot see how such a person, once "qualified" would be able to properly treat a male stranger anyhow. Ah, lets follow this logic. Once qualified, such practitioners will go on to demand to be given roles in "women only" environments attended by women who also do not want to be treated by "men", i.e. special Muslim Women environments. Of course, once these are in place, the bleating and complaining will ensure that such a unit shall not be less funded or have lower standards than any other facility otherwise the discrimination flag will be raised. Think about that for a moment: no worse than any other, sounds innocent enough, doesn't it? Or does it - that means at least equal to the best, or better than the best. DO NOT PRESUME THIS WILL NOT BE THE CASE. Cannot the Government see how the wedge is being slowly put in place?

No, I forgot our Government is chock full of self-loathers, panderers and imbeciles.

Talking of which, we also see that the DWP is to give additional benefits for polygamy, i.e. benefits for Muslim men. It includes housing support, so I suspect we will see a room for each wife and all the 6 and 7 bed properties snapped up by the State to provide subsidised housing! Who decided that nonsense? There is absolutely NO reason to have even put this forward. Which pressure group was behind this? Why on EARTH even spend a microsecond considering if such an idea was even worth considering? Who went totally out of their way to put this forward? Why was it not thrown out immediately? Have they not enough things to spend our money on? Who ARE these people? Who lobbied for this?



Yokel said...

No wonder they want the housing spies to tell them where all the 6 and 7 bedroom houses are, ready for compulsory purchase.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Agreed. It's all nuts.