Friday, 8 February 2008

Who Will Rid Us...

...of this turbulent Priest?

The bearded old goat Archbishop of Canterbury, thinks that adoption of elements of Sharia in the UK is "inevitable".

I suppose anything bad is "inevitable" when you are a self-loathing, guilt-ridden fifth columnist like "Dr"* Rowan.

He is an imbecile. A dangerous "useful idiot", a panderer, an appeaser. I suppose he is hoping for a seat at some religious table, but you bet he would be happy with a subordinate seat, as long as he had a seat. He is a loathsome creature.

Let us not be mistaken. Anyone who thinks that Sharia will remain an option once it gets its claws into the system is a fool. It is Totalitarian creed practised by Totalitarians. I suspect it is touted as an option, a "voluntary" code as long as both sides wish it. Do you really think for an instant that this will remain so? Very soon it will become mandatory, maybe not in law, but by brute aggression. Muslims will be intimidated to conform to Sharia "courts". It is easy to see how it can be done - if you do not, you are not "muslim", but apostate...and we all know what that can lead to. Once this is entrenched, we will see demands for any dispute or legal action involving a Muslim to be performed via Sharia "courts". Sharia "courts" will become the "superior" system, and by superior I do not in any way suggest better - quite the reverse - just in terms of precedent over people's lives.

Sharia "courts" operate the inquisitional system as happens in Europe. A "judge" collects evidence and makes a judgement. There is no right to your day in court, no right to cross examine. It is not the adversarial system we have where defence and prosecution work to produce the evidence before a jury which is then advised by a judge, but who's advice the jury can decline to take. We are judged by our peers in the UK, for all its faults, not some self-absorbed, bearded totalitarian with a chip on his shoulder.

Inquisitional systems are VERY BAD for Rule of Law.

We have recently seen the moonbattery that is paying out benefits to imported illegal extra wives. We see more hints at pandering:
"If there are specific instances like stamp duty, where changes can be made in a way that's consistent with British law and British values, in a way to accommodate the values of fundamental Muslims, that is something the Government would look at." Gordon Brown.
This is the road to serfdom. Let me say that again. This is the road to Serfdom. Very soon we will see the need to get "approval" from the MCB or whohaveyou to ensure that any new tax is "Islamic". They will have a veto, or even finagle an exemption. They will get to see the budget before anyone else and their approval will be sought. It is utterly unacceptable. We saw hints of this when the MCB were worming their pimply backsides into meetings to "pre approve" anti-terror raids. MADNESS.

To "Dr" Williams, Gordon Brown, Jack "shit" Straw, the MCB and all totalitarian mysogenistic bearded goats out there I have a message for you:

If you want a disgusting inquisitional legal system, live in a place that practices it. England has the finest legal system known to mankind - HANDS OFF.

* "Dr of fairy tales" does not really wash with me, frankly.


John East said...

We can huff and puff as much as we like, but we cannot beat the demographics. If we don't bow down today, they can simply out breed us over the next several generations.

Revolution anyone?

Phil A said...

Great minds – as they say… I was right about thoughts of ‘turbulent priests’…’

Can’t say I disagree with anything you wrote. Rather than repeat my comments I have included a link.

Re the issue of significant numbers of Moslems in the UK there has been soe detailed discssuonhere.

Henry North London said...

John has a point It takes about 69 years for a population to be taken over

Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition

Mark Wadsworth said...

To cut a long story short, Islam and everything to do with it is a load of shit.

O/t, thanks for comments re Ken High St at mine, all good back up evidence.

Phil A said...

Sharia Law, in it’s entirety is misogynistic, repressive and even in the best lights a tool of repression.

You can’t have parts of it. It is an all or nothing sort of thing and I find it difficult to believe anyone in their right minds would actually want to live subject to it, unless they had been programmed and/or were male and Moslem.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...


Evil of Dron said...

This blog is interesting. Very interesting.


Phil A said...

Anyone still there?...

Roger Thornhill said...

Sorry, phil, a new baby and the LPUK are taking up much of my time and are the focus.

A better service will resume in about a week or so.

Phil A said...

Well congratulations on the new arrival. Definately gets higher priority than metaphorical gum flapping.

Also the LP is probably more constructive uses of your time, though the blog helps spread Libertarian principles and ideas.

If you need any LP stuff promoted let me know and I'll include it on my blog.