Monday, 4 February 2008

MP Advice Packs Proposed

New MP's should be told not to touch people's money without permission, spit on our traditions or milk the system, Communities Secretary Hazel Blears has said.

Ms Blears proposed that Parliament issue welcome packs to MPs explaining UK customs, including advice on queuing.

The government says it wants to help newcomers integrate into Britain.

Public funding should also be aimed at the whole community, not single troughing groups, to "strengthen what we have in common", Ms Blears added.

The proposals are being introduced following the Commission on Parasites and Corruption, which held a 10-month review into the challenges caused by the Political Classes.

'Legitimate and necessary'

Under the government's plans - which are being published for consultation - information packs produced by Parliament would suggest how new MPs could contribute to the legislative process and avoid community tensions.

This would include promoting shared values like respect for the law.


Don't drink and drive
Don't drop our Sovereignty
Turn up for voting on the correct day
Make sure everyone's children can attend a decent school
Get a licence before you go fishing for bribes
Don't touch people's cash without their permission
Respect the law
Avoid spitting on our Nation
Don't play the system too obviously

According to new guidelines, bodies which distribute taxpayers' money to projects would have to consider whether they allow people from different backgrounds to integrate or whether they cause division.

Ms Blears said that Britain had a proud tradition of welcoming new MPs from constituencies who come to the House to work hard.

She added: "It is only right that we expect MPs to play by our rules. In return we have a role in explaining just what those rules are.

"Information packs are a way of getting that info across - providing a rough guide to the country, the county and the city and helping to ensure that new arrivals avoid doing or saying things that might upset decent taxpayers or getting into trouble with the law."

Amit Kapadia of the group HMSP Forum, which campaigns on behalf of skilled MPs, said he welcomed the introduction of the packs.

He added: "But this shouldn't just be targeted at one section of the Political Class - as well as being an introduction to the House, the packs can act as a reminder to people who are MPs and Councillors already."

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Phil A said...

Excellent advice for MPs.

One can hardly call them 'our MPs', because they are clearly their own MP, or possibly someone else’s MPs someone who has paid them, or will pay them with 'donations' or an EU Commissionership.