Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Nicholas on Coffeehouse Nails The Fabian Treason.

Here. @October 28th, 2008 11:42am.

The Right, or perhaps more importantly the non-Left, must realise that they are an endangered species, soon to become a persecuted minority. The old establishment used to be the Right, the Left subverted it, infiltrated it and toppled it in the course of a 50 years "quiet" revolution, the final bayonet in the guts being the brilliant deployment of the Political Correctness weapon. Now the Left is the establishment and the Right must come to terms with that fact and face the reality that the rapidly undermined democratic "system" is not going to change the status quo. The state broadcaster believes and promotes the idea that any Labour government, even a stinkingly bad one, is better than the Tories. The rest of the establishment follow this line and even the last few remaining bastions of the Right surrender to walk the walk and talk the talk in the interest of perceived peer pressure. The scrutiny is all one way. The Left have harnessed the mob.

Only when the full horror of a totalitarian leftist state in Britain emerges over the next decade or two will any opposition find strength and, aided by the inevitable cancer which will destroy the state from within, deploy the appropriate methods against it. This must run its course, unfortunately, and until that time we will have to endure the bullying dogma of the Left in all its many forms, including so-called comedy entertainment.

Unlike JR above, who sounds a little too much like a BBC blog-monitoring agent provocateur, I find Brand and Ross about as appealing as pond slime.

Absolutely spot on, old chap. One thing to note: the Left are and will be far more totalitarian, absolute and vicious than the Right ever could. Envy is more extreme than dismissal.

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