Monday, 27 October 2008

The Pound Falls

As we are seeing, the Pound is taking a battering. Down from $2.00, it has crashed through the $1.60 mark. 20% to you and me. In a month. Against the US DOLLAR, mind, not the Swiss Franc.

Brown has been printing money. The Pound has become devalued. The BoE is not chartered to manage the value of currency directly, so it has only interest rates which it is under pressure to reduce, let alone raise. Of course, the Libertarian Party saw the threat to the currency some time ago. It has a manifesto commitment to reform monetary policy and at the centre is the drive to maintain the value of the currency.

I suspect now will be a time that Brown, the traitor, will consider joining the Euro. The EU will be delighted in private, but in public will huff and puff about it, then only agree after harsh penalties have been imposed (e.g. the Treasury loses any vestiges of fiscal sovereignty). Brown will agree as long as he has a sinecure at the IMF or ECB sewn up for himself. Darling will be on a promise, to keep him quiet.

Something, though, makes me think that this may not happen. Brown, for all is "son of the manse" artifice, has an ego the size of Greenland. He thinks he is the architect of the recovery, the Captain in the teeth of the storm. If it still looks like he will lose the next election, I would not put it past him to lay the foundations for the UK to be bounced into such a deal. Super Dave Cameron has not shown himself to be interested enough in Sovereignty, so I do not trust him. The LibDems are, as always, beyond the pale*.

* I wish those in the Lib Dem Party who call themselves "Libertarian" will face up to the fact and get out of that rancid organisation.


Jock Coats said...

I dunno - I think the more you push the more tghe likes of me are going to stay put!

You have to remember that for most of us, our political party, if we are activists is not just a political party. They are our friends, people we have trudged endless miles of streets in the freezing rain with. People we go drinking with and have convivial exchanges of opinion over dinner.

One reason why, at the moment at least, I would not consider leaving the Lib Dems is that despite my forthright libertarian views, everyone knows about them, and not merely tolerates them but I'm getting even more deeply involved in party and policy discussions and structures, not shunned or ridiculed.

I have not yet fully resolved my own issues with the idea of a Libertarian Party. I am supportive in my heart but my head says "yeah, but I don't exist as a libertarian to fight for power".

Having really only heard the idea of a Private Law Society this weekend for Hans-Hermann Hoppe, the few critics of me may grow in number (or perhaps I flatter myself too much) as I try and work that into my arguments and perhaps that will change.

But I do believe, from my perspective at least, that we are growing in number and probably also in influence in the Lib Dems and that to abandon that now would risk letting the statists have a free run.

We'll see. I may yet be too harrassed or frustrated by it! Or I may just find myself in A&E with bleeding brickmarks on my forehead! Then I may think again.

Roger Thornhill said...


It is, as always, your decision.

I do not exist as a Libertarian to fight for power either, but to fight AGAINST power. Being a healthy cell inside a tumour does not cure the body of cancer. We need to be the white blood cells, the antibodies, yes, but we need most of all to fight to cut off the blood supply.

We are beyond the State being a tumour inside the body. Now the tumour has grown such that it has a body attached to it...and the body has ceased caring.