Monday, 5 January 2009

A Convenient Lie

Via commenter Jones on a post by DK, we see a roll-back in the all-pervasive power of the Religion of AGW.

As we know, AGW is the Enviro-mentalists Mad Uncle and has been locked up in the attic for a while now. He was used to scare the kiddie-winkies into believing anything and was so effective, a proxy was introduced - Climate Change - which was just as good at scaring thanks to the memory of the Mad Uncle but was far more flexible and needed fewer excuses for when reality did not match the myth. Of course, we have had a changing climate throughout Human history, but such details do not get in the way of rabid religions intent on subjugation, power and control, and that is what Governments, NGOs and flat-earthers covet and crave. It is therefore no surprise that such bodies have seized upon the Mad Uncle and then the proxy with such relish*.

Al Gore is going to have to make the biggest apology in history. I also want to see all those talking heads, all those government ministers line up and apologise, too. No regret - that is a Japanese mumble-swerve face-saving technique to avoid taking responsibility and admitting an error - but an apology and resignation. I suspect that there is going to be an army of people who will soon realise they have been taken for a ride. Suckered in. They will look back on their public pronouncements and realise they have humiliated themselves. The problem is with this digital age, all those statements now exist and can never be eliminated. Youtube and other such sites will be a place where the blatherings can resurface to haunt.

What is worse is that the kids will cotton on and there will be blood. Will they ever believe adults again? I hope the learn that this is a lie caused by vested interests, by those wishing to forcibly collectivise. You should know who they are.

Do we need to prepare for Climate Change? Hell yes we do. Rivers and coastlines. Floods, water supplies, power, navigation, insulation and most of all food production. We need to determine what might well happen and use risk, timeframe and probability-weighting to prioritise our activities. This needs to be addressed first before we ponce about with trying to "reverse" it, which is, frankly, impossible until India and China (and probably Brazil too) adopts technology not even established. 

*If you notice, most if not all the attempts to "control" or "reverse" Climate Change involves forcing people to hand over money, freedom or regress to some antediluvian existence. Preferably all three. The amount of rent-seeking in the sector is colossal.


DavidNcl said...

There's a fair bit of rent seeking yes. But that doesn't matter so much. Nor does Al Gore's investment funds not funding for pro AGW academic research and what not.

The real thing that has energized the AGW movement is that it constitute an new plank in the counter-enlightenment movement.

As you most likely are aware it's not the case that the fascist collectivists have green leanings, it that the greens are and always have the fascist collectivists.

You could do worse than read this (if you haven't already):

Review of Bramwell's Hidden History of Environmentalism on Environmentalism is Fascism

Everything on that website is worth reading by the way, if you've the time and inclination.

Roger Thornhill said...

I would say that non green FC's have now realised that Green is where they can further their aims better than "socialism" which is being woollied up into a softer, Fabian model but still malleable to "agitation" from greens but not "Militant".

Agree though that Green has always had such an element. Note how all the new adherents have hardly caused a split or ripple except for a founder or two.