Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Nick Clegg: Reality Cheque has bounced.

Via Tim Worstall "The Beast of Liberty", we hear that Nick the Clegg is suggesting even more "rights" for Fathers.

He wants support for Fathers. Well, there are plenty of other places to assist Fathers, and this is not the first place or even high up the list. Even if it were, it is salami-slicing the population. Special rights for this group, that group and t'othur. Better to stop hampering everyone, stop taxing everyone. That way Fathers, Mothers, Grandparents, sons and daughters will benefit. That is the kind of "equality" one needs - equality before the law and state - no special favours.

Lower taxes, reduce red tape. This helps everyone, makes the UK more productive with less dead weight. More light and less friction. 

To do that you need to get the UK out of the EU, Nicholas. 

We have seen nematode worms stand up for the Referendum more than the LibDems, who slithered out of way when it counted, so I will not hold my breath.

The very fact that Nick comes up with this sort of suggestion shows he has no idea at all what it is like trying to start, run and build a business. An SME can be pole-axed by such "legislation" - I will not call it a law. Imagine having someone go AWOL but demand their old post back. You need to hire a temporary replacement who, apart from the months taken to get up to speed, will be working with the knowledge that both of you know it is unlikely to be permanent - even less likely than if it were replacing a woman, who might reconsider and decide to stay looking after her kids (wise move, if you ask me - as soon as I can earn enough, Mrs Thorny will want to do just that). And when the parent returns there will be further months of reduced productivity as they settle back in.

Making such a suggestion shows the kind of world Nick the Clegg has inhabited - i.e. one far away from the true wealth creating sector of the UK economy!

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