Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Swindon loses access to a teat. Stops feeding the cow.

We see that Swindon Borough Council (Con) has decided to take their jumper away from the footie game by refusing to pay £400k towards speed cameras.

Hurrah you say. Yes indeed. However, this was not a sincere act of common sense, but a reaction to the fact that HM Treasury, desperate for any brass farthing they can steal from the cups of beggars, have decided to keep the revenue themselves instead of it going to the Council.

Thus the £400k "investment" to keep a revenue stream now becomes a cost and so has been reviewed. The Council will now spend that money on a department it DOES control...

Swindon has now stopped doing the wrong thing because the financial incentive to keep doing the wrong thing has now been withdrawn. Not noble nor even proactive, it is at least doing the right thing at last.

Such a cause and effect should be a lesson to anyone who does not understand the damage caused by the Welfare State.

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