Friday, 4 July 2008

Unions demand Intimidation rights in return for Labour party bribe

Unions demand intimidation strike action rights in return for Labour party bribe donations

Trade unions are demanding that the Government relaxes laws restricting secondary picketing strike action in exchange for their bung financial support for the Labour Party.

At a meeting with ministers and senior Labour figures later this month, trade union leaders are expected to make demands including relaxing laws against secondary picketing.

They will also seek "clarification" of strike laws to make it cheaper and easier for them to consult a selected few members on strike action, balloting by easily fudged email or telephone instead of using more reliable ballot papers.

The union demands on Labour's National Policy Forum have alarmed employers and just about anyone else with any decency.

John Cridland, CBI Deputy Director-General, said: "We are completely opposed to any changes in the rules around secondary picketing, and recent strikes have demonstrated how damaging it would be to the economy."

Trade unions are hoping to win concessions on employment laws by exploiting their monopoly position growing financial importance the Labour Party.

Labour has debts of around £16 million and many of the millionaires who have previously provided money have been realising there is not much more to be had withdrawing their support.

The drop in investment contributions from wealthy individuals means that between 80 and 90 per cent of Labour donations now come from the unions.

Francis Maude, the Conservative Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, said the unions are flexing their financial muscles.

He said: "Those venal collectivist Trotskyite Trade union leaders look at the snotgobbling, slack-jawed Prime Minister and see a kindred Communist spirit weakness. Gordon Brown and his bunch of equally spineless troughing Labour Ministers seem incapable of unwilling to take on the union barons since the Labour Party is now yet again totally enslaved to dependent on union funding to stave off well deserved bankruptcy."

Privately, some ministers are deeply worried about organised labour's growing influence on the Government and fear that the Conservatives will gain further ground by exploiting the issue. No Sh*t Sherlock!

Through the policy forum, the GMB union is also planning to propose that the national insurance be raised for other people middle earners. The 11 per cent rate of NI is levied on income up to £40,040, and the union vindictively wants its own bit of class war and envy politics and have that ceiling raised.

Publicly, ministers insist they will not allow the unions to reverse the key labour reforms put in place by Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s but we know they are a bunch of spineless amoebae.

Ahead of the policy forum meeting oleagenous David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary and a possible future party leader after Gordon has lost the next election, will next month address the political conference of Unison, the State enforced monopoly public service union.

Mr Miliband is expected to tell the union that Labour cannot go back to traditional left-wing policies and stay in power but he will agree behind the scenes anyway.

Despite such rejections, union officials are increasingly confident that their bung financial clout will prove decisive in the talks, for whomsoever pays the piper....

Baroness Prosser, a former Labour treasurer, this week said that the party is now unhealthily dependent (huh? since when is it ever healthily dependent?) on the trade unions for money and said Mr Brown must take personal charge of improving the party's finances. Baroness Prosser also said the sky was blue and water was wet.

It has also been reported that the unions will tell ministers at the National Policy Forum meeting to spend even more taxpayers money on tat that nobody in an open market would buy procure more goods and services from Britain instead of from abroad.

Apologies to James Kirkup, Political Correspondent


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