Monday, 8 September 2008

An elephant has migrated into the room

We have seemingly sensible words by worthies on the topic of immigration, but they appear to ignore the elephant in the room, that of EU immigration. The article as presented by The Times appears disingenuous, intentionally mumble-swerving around the actual issue and pretending that the initiative addresses the core problem. People, including ethnic minorities, have concerns over uncontrolled mass immigration, yet the report only focuses on non-EU immigration, for that is the only area that the UK now has control over, having LOST sovereignty in EU immigration to Brussels. The Times appears to have abdicated, capitulated, is appeasing or outright agrees with this situation.

What is more scandalous is the report is from a body chaired by Nicholas Soames, MP and Frank Field, MP who should know better and use it to make a stink about the lack of control over the UK's borders brought about by the EU.

Uncontrolled immigration plus welfare state = trouble. Of  course, the Federasts want the EU superstate so it is just a "temporary aberration". Well, I was not asked and I am sure the EUdenrat has no intention of asking for it knows what people will say - they will say NO.

The UK needs to restore its sovereignty, restore the relationship with Europe to a healthy, open and sustainable level - that of trading partner for mutual benefit, not a master-slave relationship with control ceded to Brussels. Our MPs and Parliament have NO authority to cede sovereignty to another power, yet they have done it. There exists in English a word for such behaviour: Treason.

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