Monday, 15 September 2008

Socialized Medicine - a warning from the past.

A very intersting piece by Ronald Reagan talking about Socialized Medicine in 1961 and how it bootstraps all manner of Socialist thinking and controls into our everyday life. Witness how this happens now with the "cost to the NHS" being used as a cudgel to beat people up over smoking, drinking, diet and exercise, while forgetting that those people are now denied the option over the NHS. They MUST pay for it, so they MUST use it, so they are no longer a customer but a COST. Therefore, to reduce costs they MUST OBEY the State in all manner of ways. 

Wicked is too mild a word for Socialism.

UPDATE: Further to the NHS invasion is indeed the idea of Polyclinics - GPs told where they can and cannot practice. The very nature of the tendering process will move away from independent partnerships to corporate run polyclinics with GPs as employees. Those corporations will be lobbying and once they get their way, vast numbers of people will have NO CHOICE over GP. The State is a monopoly, so everything it touches becomes a monopoly in turn. Healthcare is a monopoly and now it wants to get its dirty fingernails into General Practice, we again shall have a monopoly, a State-sanctioned privately run monopoly, the worst kind.

Please listen to the above, it is only 10 mins long and ends with a statement that even now I fear I will have to tell my son and maybe some day my grandson.

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