Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Loss of Sovereignty marches forward: EU Court Rulings

Traitors from Britain have supported this scandalous move whereby foreign courts can try us in absentia AND that extradition is AUTOMATIC. 

The combination is very potent and an utter outrage, rendering our courts subordinate and drawing ultimate sovereignty and power to the European level - of course the plan.

I can imagine Federasts from France or Germany proposing such nonsense, or even in Il Duce II*'s Italy. This clearly shows that our administration is infested by lickspittle self-loathers who have absolutely no idea what our freedoms are or why they ever existed. The other alternative is that these traitors are intentionally undermining our system so it can fit into the EUdenrat.

When are these shaved gibbons going to realise that the legal system is there for the protection of the people NOT the convenience of the State!

UPDATE: It seems that our Attorney General, Baroness Scotland has supported the move. No surprise coming from one of my top Traitors (see right). It is an outrage that we have such imbeciles/traitors** in our midst.

* Burlesqueloonie
** Delete where applicable

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