Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Polly thinks it is because she is "middle class"

Oh dear. Ms Toynbee has failed to get even herself, and thinks the right attack her because she is middle class.

No, Polly, you are attacked because you are a hypocrite and because you are a stranger to reason. You are not defined as "middle class" and that is not why you are despised - that is like saying some people don't like 4x4's because they have "wheels". You consider yourself a liberal, yet you are nothing of the kind, for that is a term hijacked by rancid socialists like you who cannot even admit to themselves what they are. You are part of a self-appointed "elite" who chitter-chat about people they say they care about, but the truth is quite the reverse. You snipe about the actual elite, trying everything to pull them down and so many other cultural or historic traditions of the UK. Your venom for the elite is not in truth for the reasons you imply - that they should fade away - but because you are not part of it and you in fact wish to be.  Socialists the world over rail against "the elite" but in truth it is only the current elite that is their problem, for it is not removal but replacement that is the strategy, replacement with themselves! The second point, re culture and history, reminds me of another reason why you are attacked - you are a self-loather, undermining your own country, no surprise given your heritage.

Self-loathing, hypocritical moonbat is something different from "middle class", especially the kind that dear old Poll really hates, those who have risen from the working class, i.e. "traitors". Well, if you want to know what a real traitor is, Polly Toynbee, take a good look in the mirror.

There, a fourth reason.

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