Friday, 23 March 2007

The London £20.12bln Olympics

Let me first say that I do think a well run, efficient, clean Olympics is a good thing for this country. Any reason to finally get the Crossrail going for the love of 'riced.

What I do NOT want is some corrupt, inefficient, shambollic, late, disorganisesd and shoddy affair as appears likely, given that that imbecile Jowells is "in charge".

Utter moron does not come close, as if she were a moron she would not have the wit to perform such a monumental feat of self-delusion as would be required to not have her resign and never darken public office again.

Tessa, I want you to swear by your mortgages that if the Olympics is any combination of: Late, corrupt, shoddy, over budget, ugly, tacky or in any way embarassing to the UK you will foreswear any future employ by the State.

....thought not.

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Raw Carrot said...

Can't we let Baghdad host them in 2012? Given how much "good" it will do - they would surely benefit far more... and we could all watch in comfort from our living rooms... if we wanted.