Wednesday, 21 March 2007

What Gordon Brown Should Say This Budget

1: Flat Taxes, in particular a personal allowance of £12k so people doing a 40hr minimum wage job are under the banding. He won't because he loves to keep people dependent via "tax credits" and loves his social engineering. UKIP have made a reasonable fist of it so far. I think the rates can come down significanlty once it is running.
2: Own up to the massive off-balance-sheet debt. No, he won't do that, as this would expose him as the fraud that he is.
3: Reverse the Pensions "claw back", as old Labour would call this if the Tories did it.

In Education, I suspect Gordon will pledge to spend the same per child as the private sector and also impose new rules on Private Schools qualifying for charitable status, i.e. get his dirty fingernails into them so he can control what they do, who they take and how they teach them. His meddling may well ruin the schools, then he can say they are not value for money.

Fact is, if Gordon is willing to spend the same as the private sector, why not just let parents choose between private and State sector? As with taxes, Gordon loves to make people "grateful" and dependent and loves his social engineering. He knows people would flock to the private sector.

We will have "green taxes" but if Gordon was serious he would not have sold off Westinghouse part of BNFL to Toshiba, thus removing a lucrative advanced Nuclear Power Station technology provider. They could have cranked out power stations to remove our dependency on fossil fuels and thus reducing our carbon footprint to negligable levels. Dogma over prudence. Instead, they are going to crank out power stations for China and the profits go to Japan. The man is an ass.

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