Saturday, 31 March 2007

Reparations For Slavery

Yes, the slave trade was appalling. Thankfully some good people of Britain stepped forward and began the campaign and that campaign grew until the trade was not just outlawed in this country but actively suppressed and fought, at far greater expense than the profits from slavery, across the globe.

Why the decendants of those who fought slavery with their wealth and on occasion gave their lives should apologise is beyond me.

Maybe the first people from whom to seek an apology should be those who had created the product and ran the trade in the first place, namely Africans and Arabs.

Posts far better and more eloquent than mine, but echoing my views can be found at The Devil's , Wat Tyler's and Tim Worstall's blogs.

Be under no illusions, the request for an apology will not "draw a line in the sand" as some seem to say, as there are a number of busy parasites earning a living from this issue. Be under no illusions, such parasites will never be satisfied, for any closure will smash their ricebowls. Be under no illusions, once the verbal apology is secured, then calls for reparations will follow as certainly as night follows day. Such calls will grow ever more shrill and aggressive. Race Relations will suffer. For the small but highly vocal group of parasites this will be a win-win situation, for they feed off mistrust, anger and division.

We should expose any Government body, Quango or entity which in any way funds these parasites.

They are a tumour on our nation. We all know what should be done to tumours.

Cut it out, man, cut it out!

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