Wednesday, 21 March 2007

More Inequality from the Chancer-lor.

Not content with his damage so far, Gordon has further entrenched his social interference and distortion.

If he had abolished the 10% tax bracket and made it 0%, I might have been supportive, but no, he decides to take more money from those people so the gurning babboon can be seen to hand it back to some of them. BETTER TO NOT TAKE IT FROM THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE, YOU IMBECILE.

As for the treatment of small companies, it just shows that Gordon just does not 'get' it. Small companies create employment and make the country's economy more efficient and innovative. It often takes years before the founder of a small business is given the time of day by banks.

I believe the post of Chancellor of the Exchequer should only be open to those who have built their own business, however modest.


Raw Carrot said...


No, no, no. You've got to remember that he is a statist and socialist (and stalinist) and wouldn't dare pass up the opportunity of robbing people blind - and - along the way - cutting some unproductive nonces in on the deal (i.e. setting up quangos and departments to redist the money).

i agree though - so much for "socialism"/labour/new labour/statism helping the poor...

it's just a shame david cameron feels the need to imitate labour to win the next election -- when he should be going for the jugular and outlining the moral case for lower taxation and welfare reform -- emphasising the fact that such changes would benefit the POOR far more than more benefits and higher taxes...

Roger Thornhill said...

I know Gordon is an utter Statist and level-downer. I was just yelling at him to do what is right, not what I expect him to do.

Cameron is on really thin ice at the moment. Gordon and the Sociofascist New Labour mess is going to crash through soon due to the "clunking fist" and hobnail boots. Cameron is at risk of going under with it.