Thursday, 22 March 2007

School Leaving Age Raised to 67

Well, not quite, but we are heading there.

More control freakery from NeueArbeit. As usual, they come out with some new "law" or "compulsion" - this time stay at school until 18 - backed up by inspectors and the compulsory fines for non-attendance. I would not be surprised if Tony and Gordon have a rule that any new legislation comes out without more compulsions and associated fines, then the Minister responsible will themselves get fined.

This means more admin, more "salaried unemployed" and more inefficiency. More heat than light.

If kids realised that a life outside of work is one of no roof, no money and no life, then I think they would be sufficiently motivated to sort themselves out. Right now far too many are born into households already suckling entirely or mostly from the State teat and so have no motivation to provide for themselves. Some are even on their third generation (and note that many professionals reproduce in their thirties at ages that the feckless are grandparents...). I post here about my views on kids born into welfare (the main cause of "child poverty" I suspect).

Schools need to be teaching children of how ghastly their life will be if they cannot read, write or behave in a civilised manner. If it means scaring the living daylights out of them at "story time" with "The Little Match Girl" or other such tales, then so be it. Add to that balance and the concept of philanthropy, then we might be moving in the right direction.


Raw Carrot said...

While we both know exactly what needs to be done, you have to wonder how deluded the current Government (and quite probably the opposition, not to mention all the quangos and civil servants and lobbyists) are to think that raising the age to 18 is actually going to make ANYTHING better...

I've just watched Road Wars on Sky3 and seen some real nasty characters get stopped in an illegal car, with no licences, no tax, no insurance, a load of cannabis in the back, along with a load of deal bags, and they'd been chased by the met police earlier that day, and what did they get?

They got taken to the police station and they then got released. no charges.

on the other hand, consider what would happen if you were doing 40mph in a 30mph zone at night and got caught by a speed camera? you get fined. and, because you're 'legit' you pay it.

there's a vast, and i really do mean vast, underclass of people (largely males in the 8-30 age group of white and ethnic background) who are persistent offenders. are known to the police and yet have not changed their ways - because nothing really happens to them.

so, as you say, it's time these people were scared absolutely ****less.

Of course, this is no guarantee that they would mend their ways. but if after such a punishment they still persisted in offending then, as far as i can see, there is only one answer left...

Sadly there's no way on earth any mainstream party would dare even suggest it.

Raw Carrot said...

and, to clarify, yes, I mean the EIGHT to THIRTY age group.

Roger Thornhill said...

I too have seen parts of that programme. It is really depressing. What also shocks me is the lip they get away with.

Although I want to see firm action, I really think that if we took down the "hammock" that the safety net has become, 90% of the current feckless would revert to responsible people. They are just badly brought up kids with no limits and no idea of consequence.

This will allow resources to be focused on the remaining 10% of downright bad-un's.

Fabian Tassano said...

Roger, as mentioned on Mediocracy, we'd like to invite you to be an author on Educational Conscription. If interested, please let me have your email address by emailing me at ftassano at Cheers, Fabian.