Thursday, 24 May 2007

Bin there, done that we are.

More total nonsense from David Miliband who appears over-eager to gold-plate yet more EU Statist, authoritarian hogwash.

A bin tax. Of course, we see talking heads rabbiting on about how we are "running out of landfill" and we need to tackle or offset the "landfill tax" with "landfill credits". Er, excuse me - these concepts are entirely new and synthetic, a creation of the EU. Nice revenue earner. Nice way to control the population. Having a landfill tax means you need to find ways to reduce the tax and simultaneously pass it on to households and so some conniving scumbag has used this as an excuse to bug our bins.

Wheelie bins are totally incompatable with most homes. They are an eyesore. Any move to impose a volume tax will result in more fly tipping and cheeky sods trying to palm their rubbish off into other peoples' bins.

The best way is education, not fines and taxes. I don't need some fine to make me separate paper and glass but I will object seriously if some interfering little hitler wants to fine me because one particular week I have two sacks instead of one. The real issue is packaging and commercial/industrial waste, which I believe constitutes the vast majority of landfill volume.

Deal with this? Oh no, construction companies are best mates of the NeueArbeit Commissars.

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