Sunday, 27 May 2007

Thugs Reid and Blair...I told you so.

Not content with acting as if they run a police state, these two authoritarian shaved gibbons actually want to make one.

Yet again we have more law - more powers instead of following through or implementing existing or ancient powers.

Yet again we have the Sociofascist behaviour of breaking something that worked so they can remake it to suit their twisted, dysfunctional dogma and feed their lust for control.

Best way to stop the unknown or undesireable roaming the streets is to be more careful of who you let in and if they do get in, kick them out unceremoniously. It would also help if the UK was not known as a soft touch for unearnt cash and housing, too.

We have too many lawyers in government, if you ask me. To them everything is a lawyerly nail - i.e. more and more complex and convoluted legislation that can aways have the toss argued at our expense.

I do think we need a reliable means of ID, but why should it be a Government monopoly and a toy of the State? I bet if they did not have the prospect of a juicy set of contracts to dish out they would not be half as interested.

The role of the Government is to "Enable its Citizens to go safely about their lawful business without let or hinderance". By "enable" I do not mean "permit" or "allow" as in the State granting - how dare it get so presumptuous indeed! - I mean the Citizen shall go about and the State is tasked to proactively ensure no obstacles stand in the Citizen's way.

If I am a subject of anyone at all, it is a Subject of HM The Queen. Her Majestey's Government is most certainly not in my reporting line!

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