Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Sir Patrick Moore tells it like it is

Sir Patrick Moore blames women for the dumbing down of the BBC.

His empirical evidence does appear to be very strong. Soaps are almost entirely a female thing, and as SirP says:

Fortunately, Sir Patrick has a solution. Institute a gender divide and create BBC Bloke.

He said: “I would like to see two independent wavelengths – one controlled by women, and one for us, controlled by men. I think it may eventually happen.”

Soaps could then safely be produced and watched by women. Sir Patrick said: “I was in hospital once and I watched a whole episode of EastEnders. I suppose it’s true to life. But so is diarrhoea – and I don’t want to see that on television.”

Yes, EastEnders is diarrhoea. Spot on. Maybe he read my earlier post on the BBC dumbing down...


Phil A said...

Sir Patrick Moore may know a bit about the sky at night, but his star gazing has presumably prevented him catching the odd moment of men and motors, the only example of a TV channel aimed specifically at men that I am aware of.

It is absolute drivel apparently aimed at males with an IQ of around 70 and an arrested emotional development.

The BBC even in it’s sadly diminished state looks like a paragon of virtue by comparison.

What’s doing for the Beeb is probably it’s pathetic attempts to pursue ratings and the fact that those doing the pursuing are the blinkered condescending fluffy left, who assume (and are apparently trying to cater for) anyone who isn’t one of the Notting hill elite must be staggering from one dysfunctional relationship to another, and be unsuccessfully trying to work their way up to chav.

Roger Thornhill said...

Yep, the BBC should not bother to "compete" in the "Corriesenders" arena and endless wet-nappy "Holbill City" medi-cop filler. Horizon. Full 45-60 mins. No repetition. No breaks.

I posted on this issue earlier here

Maybe Sir Patrick reads NAMF...

Phil A said...

There is a market out there for decent stuff. Monachy proves that.

The problem is the Beeb refuse to acknowledge that, as it does not accord with their prejudices.

Where do they think Victorian Working Men’s Clubs, or Institutes, came from? Where people could meet for conversation, business, and mental improvement, borrow books etc.,

Roger Thornhill said...

Phil A, you are so right. Huge desire to "better oneself" before. Now? People can recall endless Soap plots (women), or who played for Newcastle against WBA in the quarter finals in 1984 (men).

Even now the best centres for kids seem to be outside State control and run by troopers.