Monday, 21 May 2007

Sociofascist Media on the Prowl?

Further to the previous post...What a surprise. The BBC has "been handed" a report document showing a school being rude about pupils.

The School? In Kent. Selective foundantion school taking Sec Modern and Grammar.

If anyone is unfamiliar with the pungent aroma of Ratus Ratus, fill yer nostrils.


Phil A said...

The woman who found the booklet, who would only give her name as Bernice, told BBC Radio Kent: "I picked it up because it looked interesting and I thought it might be something of importance.
"Then I saw it was a school report, so I put it in my bag. When I got home and looked at it I couldn't believe what I was reading - some of it was scandalous."

Presumably “Bernice” wouldn’t identify herself and didn’t hand the report in to the police because she is a thief.

Presumably she knew she was taking ownership on herself to dispose of it as she would, she thought it important enough to know the owner would want it back and had a clear idea of who they were, but decided to deprive them of it, quite possibly permanently, by giving it to the BBC.

It is not clear from the report if she profited by this, but that is not necessary in order to prove theft. The only point left to prove is dishonesty…

Roger Thornhill said...

Indeed. "Found on a desk" to "found on the street" to some is a small distortion if it furthers their twisted agenda.