Sunday, 27 May 2007

Thoughts of Chairman Miliband

Further to my commenting on David talking authoritiarian rubbish (bin there, done that we are) I saw the documentary on Mao's bloody revolution. A blending occured.

Miliband encourages the formation of The Green Guard - earnest young types brainwashed in recycling and ecofascism. They carry aloft their "Little Green Books" containing the Sayings and Thoughts of Chairman Miliband. They denounce their own parents for not separating the paper from the card. They humiliate "carbon-roaders" in public with dunces caps and slogans, often with gratuitous beatings. They smash symbols of the old traditions of travel, freedom, individualism. Those who oppose The Green Guard are shipped off to the countryside to be "re-educated" amongst a bunch of bearded sandalistas and forced to empty the waterless earth toilet and collect pig manure for conversion into biomass fuel.

Once The Green Guard have ravaged the country and show signs of being a self-contained and autonomous upity organisation, Chairman Miliband will ship them off to the Sink Estates so they can "learn from the dependent underclass".

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