Sunday, 2 December 2007

Fencepost No.5: US Kidnapping.

The US has admitted in a UK Court of Appeal that the Supreme Court of the US has declared, unilaterally, that it has the right kidnap people abroad and specifically the UK and render them back to the US for trial.

Considering examples of the Nat West Three, this can include crimes committed abroad, by foreigners upon foreigners or foreign registered legal entities.

This is a further entrenchment of US Extraterritoriality.

US Extraterritoriality is arrogant and Imperial. They are their own worst enemies. What would, what CAN their defence be if Iran, China or any other country adopted similar laws? America cannot in any reasonable fashion declare that only they can have such powers of Extraterritoriality. Their concept of Extraterritoriality appears to be an expedient response with untold and unintended consequences.

Should other countries adopt the mechanism, the checks and balances of Extradition, such as they are, would become sidelined. If extreme force is used to apprehend, such actions can tip over into assassination. America appears to be pro-actively letting the genie out of the bottle. If we slide towards anarchy and Imperialism, America will be responsible for greasing that slope.

Ron Paul is campaigning for a return to the American Constitution. The American Constitution and Bill of Rights contains many aspects of our own BoR that was laid down in 1689. Both appear to suggest this law unconstitutional.

In permitting this, the Supreme Court of the United States of America has shown itself to be a bunch of blithering IMBECILES.


Phil A said...

Kidnapping, court sanctioned kidnapping, may be legal in the US, but what would be the position in the UK of anyone who did this on our soil. Kidnapping is an offence in the UK and to accomplish it would probably necessitate committing other offences.

Would any US citizens, perpetrating such crimes, on UK citizens, in the UK, be subject to extradition from the US and punishment under English law?

Extraordinary rendition practiced by all nations would surely be a recipe for international legal chaos and possibly eventually war.

Roger Thornhill said...

I doubt if the US would permit the extradition from the UK of someone doing something that is legal under US law.

Phil A said...

You could be correct. One hopes the situation never arises.