Thursday, 20 December 2007

The Four Athiests of the Appocalypse

Dawkins, Chris Hitchens, Dan Dennett and Sam Harris were captured in an unscripted 2-hour talk.

Thanks to those at Rational Response much of this has been captured.

Wonderful to see these guys at one place and in full flight.

Chris, inventor of "Falwell's Enema" and possessor of the world's first Titanium Liver. A hero.
Dan, so concise on biogenetic issues with a dry wit. ID is crushed.
Dawkins, out-scholars the "scholars".
Sam Harris is not known at all well to me, but that is all my fault, not his.

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Saltburn subversives said...

If you are unfamiliar with Sam Harris there is a good video which will serve as an introduction here.

I am an atheist myself but the problem with the four you mention is that in attacking Christianity they make way for far more dangerous faith-based belief systems such as socialism and environmentalism, both more dangerous than a mere belief in God.