Monday, 10 December 2007

Fencepost No.6: Taser Police

It seems the Police are to be supplied with Tasers (Hat tip to Henry North London).

This development is a classic Fencepost. One day people who are no physical threat to anybody will be Tasered just because it is convenient to get them out of the way or silence them such as at a demonstration or political rally. I expect that people will have the Tasering event placed on their records. "Nice". This will place further barriers between the Police and the public. It will entrench the strategy of making the Police 'owned' by the Government and not a force that operates for and with the consent of the public. This is just what the Sociofascists want. They hate any form of allegiance that is not under their direct control and directed one way - towards them.

Next year's Labour Politburo Party Sales Presentation Conference might well end up seeing a tasering or two, considering the intense justification any rational being that attends (unlikely though that is) will have for yelling out "NONSENSE!" to any of the speakers - a reaction I have whenever I hear one of their grinning shaved gibbons.


Henry North London said...

Most honoured thanks

I wrote my post at 3am and wrote to my MP at the same time....

Its frightening

Mark Wadsworth said...

Well said.

Not a sheep said...

Take a look at this -

I can see this sort of thing happening in the UK soon as well.

Phil A said...

Hear hear.

Also are you aware the police seem to be confiscating perfectly legal insured vehicles these days because they have a database that can't show the vehicle as insured!

Whatever happened to the seven day producer?