Monday, 17 December 2007

What Really Happened: Another Nail into Freedom's coffin in Europe

Via DK, via Trixy.

I am utterly fuming why this was not shown on the BBC. Who are they working for? Well, certainly not US that is for sure. We are forced to pay for them yet, as is a trend these days, we have no say and they operate against our interests.

Did this appear on C4 or any MSM in the UK? I see Reuters covered it.

If Channel 4 did not show it, maybe it should call itself "Column 5" instead.


Grahnlaw said...

Perhaps the networks are ashamed of their mainly British compatriots' disgraceful behaviour, turning the proclamation of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights into an event reminding us of football-hooligans in action.

Most Europeans see the legally binding Charter as an improvement, but feel sorry for the Brits and Poles whose governments opted out.

Roger Thornhill said...

I think you mean "most European politicians".

The disgraceful behaviour was the signing without a referendum.

It is typical Sociofascist behaviour to commit an outrage as if it is decent, then complain about the legitimate reaction as if it were barbaric.

Interesting you think it is a "binding charter". May I remind you that the British Parliament is NOT ALLOWED to enter into binding agreements that affect future Governments.

Yes, the "binding Charter" is unconstitutional.

Henry North London said...

its been pulled from Youtube