Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Lee Jasper's House

It has come to light (hat tip Guido) that "Red" Ken's equality parasite Lee Grasper Jasper, salary £117k p.a., lives in a £90pw Housing Association 3 storey period house in Clapham. Nice.

Alot of fuming. However, Grasper Jasper could well of gained this des res when he was paid what he was worth in the real world skint and so eligible, so in itself one should be wary of suggesting any form of skulduggery or corruption before the facts are known.

The fact that I consider him a worse than useless leech is another thing.

A number of points.

1. The Housing Association, and in fact all subsidised housing providers, should be sensible enough to perform regular means testing to ensure they are providing housing to those who actually could do with it. It seems this HA is not. I wonder if they are State funded? If I were working there or a trustee, I'd be very embarrassed by now.
2. The above is compounded by right to buy. That is a policy for the Housing Association, but I would not want to donate to an HA that gave discounted right to buy without any real checks. If they are State funded, I am being forced to donate, so I do not want them to do it. One wonders how many of these properties are bought then immediately sold on for a cash profit for the Tenants, a profit that one would THINK the HA would like to use to continue its work...but oh no.
3. The tasteless scumbag has put a satellite dish on the FRONT of the property, about 8ft from the ground. Lazy dolt - what about snicking it against the chimney, just over the roof hip and so out of sight? In my book that desecration of the property would get him evicted!

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Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

Wonder if he has a newt pond as well.