Monday, 3 December 2007

Freedom and Wedges.

The Primary School Teacher at the centre of the teddy bear row has been pardoned as a result of the visit by Lord Ahmed and Baroness Warsi.

This is a good thing, but two issues need to be borne in mind.

First, we must not allow the precedent to be set that Muslims only deal with Muslim issues. This is a step towards first a parallel system and then one that subordinates the non-Muslims. The delegation was not officially endorsed by the F&CO, at least.

Secondly, we need to remember that the MCB did complain bitterly and showed intense embarassment, but let us not remember that in the middle of this, and even as part of their pleading their case to the Sudanese, the MCB reserved their right to be outraged should the circumstances (e.g. not a bear, for example) were different. This fetishisation of Mohammed needs to be resisted. If they want to do it, fine, that is their PERSONAL view, but such a view should not be permitted to impinge upon the lives of others.

Both the points above warn against subtle wedges being inserted into our lives. Should they be permitted or allowed to go by default, then that would be something no amount of visits from their Lordships would pardon.


Henry North London said...

When in Rome send Romans to get your man out or woman

The silly bitch wants to stay in Sudan and teach again. Fool does she not realise there are people who would murder her? just for the teddy bear name?

Roger Thornhill said...

I do not have an issue with the trip as it stood, but mark my words they will not stop at external issues.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Good post, this does look like the thin end of the wedge, doesn't it?

Phil A said...

Well made points, worryingly I fear you are correct.