Thursday, 18 October 2007

BBC Cuts: Where to?

The BBC is short of money and what does it do?

Yes, it talk of less quantity but more quality. Good start.

However, the cuts are to be in factual and news. What on EARTH? Or should that be What on Blue Planet?

The BBC places "entertain" as its third role. Educate (Factual), Inform (News) and Entertain (soaps and other pap) is what I recall.

If the BBC is sincere and actually believes in its charter, it could do no better than cancel Eastenders, which appears to do nothing but teach people how to be rowdy, lying, feckless, gossiping, untrustworthy, cheating, violent scumbags. Right where the Sociofascists want the "lumpen illitariat™" to be, I suspect and the reason why I think they will not stop making it, as the creators love to play God and pull the strings and influence social behaviour in their squalid bankrupt experiment.

It could also cut out all the hospital bedding in the early evenings. Casualty etc. What a load of old cobblers. I can honestly say I never watch BBC1 in the early evenings. Ok, so I am often working, boozing or cooking, but when I am cooking (ok, prepping), it is C4 News that is on, not soapy dross. That "One" programme whatever it is seems to be Crimewatch without the crime - and, in my case, no watch either!

BBC, if you are listening, ITV can create mind-numbing, spirit-crushing, vile meme-spreading junk without competition from you, so cut THAT out. MORE factual stuff. MORE science programmes running 1 or 2 FULL hours without repetition. How about a 4hr programme discussing important topics and not in some flaccid namby pamby "daytime audience" way? Cheap TV for sure. No soap star salaries there. In addition to "Have I Got News For You" how about "Have they given lies to us!" which analyses the disingenuous crap we hear from politicians and tears them an new one using archive footage or analysis of their language - e.g. Gordon Brown tried to worm out of the Targets healthcare debacle by replying to Cameron's assertion using the evidence of the report that targets were distracting healthcare professions by saying the Chairman had said that "Targets were no excuse" - "no excuse" does NOT mean that Targets have NOT been causing the problems. The BBC just does not property scrutinize at the moment.

Top Gear is refreshing, mainly because Clarkson can say and do what he wants because the audience want to hear and see him doing it. It is not very PC. Compare it to the cringeworhty Fifth Gear. Vikki looks as comfortable as a cat in a car wash and just as keen to get out, but she struggles on. In a way I admire her tenacity. Her other qualities are not so obvious these days. If you cut Clarkson's salary at the BBC he will hop over to Ch5 or Ch4 and re-create the exact same world of mayhem over there and the BBC will end up with a pathetic wannabe show like Fifth Gear is now. I wonder if Tiffany Dell Tiff Nidell will want to suffer the lunacy of Clarkson & Co. The programme will be Jeremy booming out an idea and Tiff standing there, silent, wondering what on earth he is getting himself into...might be fun, but Tiff is no fall guy. Straight man, yes. Fall guy, no.. On second thoughts...

The BBC will end up with Quentin Wilson, the Ken Livingstone of motoring journalists, and we will just have to endure ads interrupting another must-see programme. Might put a bit of a spring back into Vikki, though, if she joined JC.


Newmania said...

Found you......yes I was thinking much the same thing . thebnsuual thing tis to send an orchestra packing. Simliarly 5 p less tax revenues and suddnely they turn off life supprt machines ...meanwhile 5o people write a form to allow them to do it .

I shall out this on my blog roll. Busy bee aren`t you Roger

Newmania said...

Not so keen on JC ( jeremy Clarkson

"Clarkson’s Saving Grace

Another name on the list of wits was Jeremy Clarkson which rather dents our confidence in its provenance. I have always thought Jeremy Clarkson was Esther Ranthzen for fat men , and not PJ O ` Rourke . Well, if he is PJ O Rourke then Cliff is Elvis ,(and he isn’t) . He voted Liberal most if his life and is in fact a bog standard media tart…......sorry but he is; so stop crying . Having said that, he did smoke on air , a Pipe actually. A spokesperson for Action On Smoking For Health ( ASH) has demanded an apology from the BBC,Clarkson…can`t be all bad then."

Phil A said...

Good points.

Re: "Have they given lies to us!"

An excellent idea. I would love to see that, maybe Steven Fry could present it.

How ablut "Political Porkies" as an alternative title?

Roger Thornhill said...

Maybe it should be

"Who's Lie is it Anyway?"


"Have they got lies for you"