Sunday, 21 October 2007

Gordon Brown: No More Power to Brussels (Track Changes ON)

Gordon Brown: No more power to Brussels because there is none left

By Bruno Waterfield and Toby Helm in Lisbon
Last Updated: 6:45pm BST 19/10/2007

Gordon Brown has promised British voters that he will halt the European Union juggernaut now the issue of the new Treaty is settled because the Juggernaut has arrived, been unloaded and the drivers are in the cafe having a bacon sarnie

In an attempt to head off growing call for a UK referendum on the Constitution Treaty, the Town Clerk of Britain Prime Minister has pledged that there will be no new transfers of powers to Brussels “for many years” as the EU has all the powers worht having.

“There is no need for further governmental institutional changes in Europe, because the EU Dictatorship can do anything it wants to” he said.

I want to make you fools believe we be trying to get on with the business of a getting a stronger economy and better environment but we are just tightening our grip.”

Mr Brown’s lies comments were echoed by the Mayor of France French President Nicolas Sarkozy who agreed that the new EU Treaty would be “the last for 1000 years a long time”.

“I do not say this will be the last Treaty but we have settled the main questions, and you are all now slaves” he said.

The Town Clerk of Britain Prime Minister has committed the UK to a new Constitution “Reform Treaty” to replace the EU Constitution killed off by Dutch and French referendum rejections two years ago.

Mr Brown joined other European leaders at a Lisbon summit to crack open the champagne to toast a new EU Reich blueprint that, he hopes, the Government can force through parliament without giving in to the valid and totally justified clamour for a popular vote.

“It is now time for Europe to move on and devote all our efforts to the issues that matter to the people of Europe - economic growth, jobs, climate change and security, while the EU stifles business, destroys jobs, taxes the buggery out of the middle classes and undermines freedom and security” he said.

But shadow foreign secretary William Hague has responded by accusing the Government of breaking its promise while breaking some of his own.

Instead of strengthening the Maginot Lines so called red lines, they left them weaker than after the June summit, with utterly inadequate legal protection for the British position as per the plan.

"It is a demonstration of the weakness of these ministers. Their refusal to hold a referendum also demonstrates the cynical and deceitful nature of this government," he said.

"Their actions will only add to the contempt in which they are increasingly held."

Portugal, current holders of the EU presidency and hosts of the summit, had initially hoped that Europe’s leaders would toast the Treaty with a glass of chilled white Alentago wine over a fish supper but talks dragged on past dessert, and midnight, as Poland and Italy haggled over tiny details of the small print until 2am this morning so securing Champagne as the drink of choice (at everyone else's expense).

The new “Treaty of Lisbon” will be formally signed by all EU Freeloaders leaders in Portugal’s capital on December 13 before being pointlessly debated line by line in House of Commons next year and entering into force in January 1 2009 a day that will go down in infamy.

But the Government must face down a strident campaign for a referendum on a Treaty that many regard as the old EU Constitution in new clothes and only a few self-serving lying scumbag lickspittles do not.

Oleaginous David Miliband, the Town Crier Foreign Secretary, claimed to hoots of incredulous laughter and derision that demands for a popular vote are based on “scare stories and myths” and that referendums were the “refuge of dictators and demagogues that we hid behind in the 2005 Election”.

“We have a parliamentary democracy. We elect useless freeloaders MPs every four of five years, the people elect us to do a job. If they like it they re-elect us if they don’t kick us out,” he said this morning, smiling his greasy, crooked smile knowing he will basically get away with that non-sequitur.

“That is where parliament should get into its new box come into its own looking at the detail, making sure that the questions are flushed into the open and shot and the government held in contempt accountable.”

The Conservatives have pledged to use up to three months of House of Commons debate in the early New Year to rally public opinion, 70 per cent back a referendum, behind a campaign for a popular vote.But will they really?

Shadow Europe minister Mark Francois said: “In the small hours of the night Gordon Brown has agreed the revised EU constitution which potentially transfers massive powers from Britain to the EU leaving little left.

"He had absolutely no democratic mandate to do this and we will now step up our campaign to secure the referendum which he promised the British people all along because we were not the ones to win the "access all troughs" pass from the EU.”


Mark Wadsworth said...

YOur track changes always raise a smile!

Newmania said...

You are on fire but being me I do not agree in overly obsessing about the EU( I`ve only posted about 8 times on it in the last week..ahem)

It would help the Conservative Party get elected if it looked as though thy care about ...well careres for example , as well.

In fact they should and I am one and I do. It is always said that 80% of laws emanate from the EU buit when I count them it does not seem that way to me .

As a nationalsit I have no time for it at all anyway on the simplt basuis that I do not wish to be ruled by foreigners or visa versa.

Nonetheless everything must be subordinate to removing Brown .