Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Show us the dagger!

So yelled the Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press. Good on them. I was very pleased they did so. The sight of Slime-on Simon Hughes and Vin Sckable was sickening.

The Lib Dem leadership is important not in itself, but as an indication of what bunch of scoundrels will be drained of support, so letting the other group in.

As for Sir Ming Campbell, he is a Gent. Well meaning. Alas, that is not really a total compliment. He is too nice for politics, I feel. I do hope he did not tender his resignation in the hope it would be refused - that would have been too cruel given, I suspect, it was accepted without complaint.

It is a sad day on a personal scale, but not on a national one. The Lib Dems do need a new leader, if only to show to everyone what a bunch of incompetent, do-gooding, faux-Liberals they actually are.

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Phil A said...

What an appropriate date for a stabbing fest of a leader a by senators - well front benchers.

Beware the ides of October…