Tuesday, 30 October 2007

More Doubletalk from Islamist Interests

When are Muslims going to be freed from their "community leaders" and "spokesmen"?

His Grace (hat tip, DK) has put up a very good post on the topic of the Conservative Muslim Forum§ document outlining policy recommendations.

I will not repeat or attempt to duplicate what is a fine post and followup by DK.

Regardless of if the suggestions/demands are rejected or not, the fact is the think tank actually had the brass neck to put them forward. Conservatives be warned, this document should be a wake-up call to you that you have a fifth column inside your walls. An entire section is liable to collapse and crumble, nay, openly support enemies of freedom and democracy. Maybe it is a good trick - handing rope to them - but I do not have such faith in the wisdom of the Conservative Leadership. No sir.

However, I just want to highlight one paragraph which is interesting, even more so that other more open statements. Here it is:
24. The report states "It should be the aim of a Conservative Administration to help bring about the right conditions for a move from a collective approach led
through community organisations to one in which individuals take responsibility
for their role in society and participate fully in it. This is a key aspect of full
integration." We concur and are content to adopt this as a working definition of
Look at that again. They concur that it is a working definition. They do not say it is something to achieve, aim for, promote or support. They are "content to adopt" the meaning, eh? Why thankyou! Just the meaning. Not the spirit. Not the act. This speaks volumes as to who is behind pulling the strings.

§ Why is it they just love/crave/covet terms like this? At least they did not try and pretend to have any legal authority, like the MCB.

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