Thursday, 25 October 2007

Foreign National Jails

As you may know already, there seems to be a hidden agenda to create separate jails for foreign nationals.

There also seems to be the suggestion of deportation, but I doubt if all the issues have been sorted out or enough hearts bled over this yet.

The development is sinister and dangerous in my view.

Firstly, it opens up the system to accusations that either foreigners are treated worse or locals worse. Due to the resources available and the limitless energy of the self-loathers, I suspect the State will just make sure that foreign national jails are consistently better. Its easier. Far less 'action groups' and QANGOs out there to worry about. Net result: foreign prisoners will get better conditions and treatment.

Secondly, pound to a penny we will see calls for "Muslim" or "Islamic" jails. Once this is established, these will need to be better than BOTH the foreign AND indigenous jails to avoid yet more moaning. All manner of problems will occur and very soon hop-skip-jump the various "Muslim leaders" will be calling the tune and demanding, well, the end to the demands will never happen. Not only that, the jails will then be considered "political" and "oppressive" and misreported.

The best way is to treat each according to their behaviour and the crime committed. Simple. Forget race, colour, nationality, diet (they should all be on a vegetarian diet, so to hell with the meat aspects), direction of toilets etc and just treat people the same. Best way to avoid any accusations of discrimination - and we know accusation becomes established fact in the minds of many - is to put people in the same buildings and under the same regimes.

As in so many areas, New Labour are imbeciles. They appear to have absolutely NO common sense whatsoever.

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