Thursday, 11 October 2007

Drugs: Even the Police begin to see the reasons.

It is good to see that some people are cutting through the dogma and moralising fog of Drugs Prohibition and realising that decriminalising all drugs is the way forward, about which I have blogged and written before.

It will be interesting to read the Have Your Say responses (if this happens).

However, we get the boneheaded fact-mangling response from MP for Alyn and Deeside Mark Tami, who says - "As 280,000 Class A drug users are responsible for half of all crime, taking the risk of legalising such a dangerous drug is foolhardy and I would not wish to gamble so much on the health and wellbeing of our children."

Well Mark Tami, what do you think causes that crime? Is it random violence of drug-addled individuals or gang warfare over turf and the robberies performed by those desperate to buy their next fix? Further, have you considered that the reason we have 280,000 Class A users is because there is a criminal fraternity actively selling to them and recruiting new "customers"? Has it EVER occured to you?

Well, Mark Tami might just be unaware of this reasoning. Alas Alyn and Deeside jumped up local councillor AM Carl Sargeant said: "Drug use is strongly linked but not causally, otherwise I'd say so to patronising non-word that is deprivation and disingenuous and misleading label that is poverty, which is why so much money has been wasted invested in leaky sticky-fingered projects proporting to aimed at lifting pople - particularly for Polly children - out of poverty while crushing taxpayers back into it."

Getting drugs today is not a problem, they say, so what would be worse if it were legalsed and, frankly NOT made any easier to access, far less likely to be introduced by a local sales and marketing rep pusher and have no need to constantly ROB PEOPLE to fund their habit.


Phil A said...

Interestingly you picked up on this, as I did - and made much the same points.

Here is a link

to my post on the subject.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Rog, top stuff.

Henry North London said...

Finally Christ it has taken a lot of time to penetrate though!