Wednesday, 17 October 2007

March of the EU Superstate: Localising Income Taxation

We hear the abysmal Chris Wales (Android, architect of Gordons Pensions raid, windfall utility taxes...Belsen proposing the idea that Local Councils should be able to collect the Income Tax and be combined to attract a higher quality of scumbag Councillor, to be like Scotland. Scotland? Oh, yes, an EU Region.

The Central government will be responsible for property taxation. Nice. They know where you live...

I am almost lost for words. I am lost for words. The entire proposal is so wrong on so many levels and is so blatantly a move to creating Regions and for breaking up England.

The best way to localize is to localize right into my wallet. Get out of my way so I can be responsible for deciding where my money goes. The Government should only do things it HAS to do, not what it thinks it CAN and feels it MUST.

We are in real danger from these Sociofascists and the official Opposition are USELESS.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

I'm with Adam Smith and Milton Friedman on this one, land value taxation is the least-worst form of taxation. End of.