Thursday, 12 February 2009

Boris Johnson and Keith Vaz MP

Only 10 F's?

Keith should consider himself lucky he only got 10 when Boris caught up with him over his slippery behaviour in trying to divert attention away from Government failings over basic concepts of Parliamentary Privilege. Had he done that to me he'd've got that and alot more besides. In Sesame Street terms the conversation would have been brought to him by the letters W, C, B and S.

Keith, when buttonholed if he had recorded it, mumble-swerved. In such cases, a lack of a denial pretty much has to be a yes. That was illegal, Vaz.


Belsay Bugle said...

I always thought Vaz was a slippery little customer. What was it he got up to a few years ago when he was sacked? I've forgotten, now, but he's not straight, I'm sure.
Good old Boris - I know who I'd trust in this.

Belsay Bugle said...

Oh, and I wanted to say that it's a useful rule that people criticise others for faults they have themselves. Hence Vaz has accused Boris of giving 'four contradictory accounts' of his evidence - lying in other words.

Belsay Bugle said...

Yes, and having just listened to the report, it's fairly clear that Vaz recorded the conversation - the slippery little!